Arabic Game Die {Tutorial}

We have game night in our home every Friday. However most of our games are in English and my daughters are trying to learn the Arabic.

We thought we would make an Arabic die to help us on game night practice our numbers. We used some left over cardboard we had, saving it from the landfill and recycling it into something useful.  An added bonus is that these dice are so easy to make that if something were to happen to it, we can quickly make another.

We decided to make it extra large so that it can be easily found. We used square pieces of cardboard that we cut into 5 inch squares.  You can adjust your die to any size by making your cardboard smaller or larger.


Six pieces of square cardboard
Silver duct tape
Decorate tape
Arabic number print outs

To make the die, the squares have to be placed out into a lower t shape,. Use athe silver duct tape used to attach them together.

Flip the t shape over and add silver duct tape to the three sides of the longer end piece.

Fold the cardboard t into a cube shape.

Add the decorative tape to the outside for extra sturdiness and to hide the silver tape.

Cut out the Arabic numbers.

Add glue to the back of the numbers and add them to the cube.

Wait a few hours for the tape and glue to set. After a few games, we also added a little bit of glue to the corners.  Throwing the die to the ground causes the decorative tape to come up.  But now with the glue, it’s ready for more games.

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I am a Libyan American who creates art to promote a positive image of Arab and Islamic culture.