Moon and Star Gallery Glass {Tutorial}

We made this moon and star gallery glass window hanging and it looks exactly like stained glass to anyone walking by. Little do they know that it’s actually paint.

A few weeks ago, I received Gallery Glass paint as my Plaid Ambassador role. After using it on the Kahtam Painted Cube, I wanted to try it on another surface: our living room window.

I’ve always wanted to teach stained glass to children, but working with the lead has always made it a difficult task.

Since I have found Gallery Glass, it’s such a relief to be able to finally bring this fun medium to kids.  Getting them to practice with the bottle is also a great lesson in patience and control. I have to admit that my daughter made quite a few mock up on paper towels before she was finally confident enough to do the final product.

A second deterrent in working with stained glass and kids, is cost.  Buying the glass, especially the prettier pieces that have character, can be quite a lot on an artist budget. Once a piece is snapped, it can not be re done once the cut has been made, so mistakes are also costly.  But with the Gallery Glass, any mistake can be wiped up and it’s easy to started over.


Gallery Glass leading blanks
Gallery Glass Paints
Gallery liquid leading
Moon and Star template

My daughter drew out a simple moon and star design and then placed it under the blank. As mentioned, she practiced how to get a nice even flow. She said the star was easier since the lines were a lot shorter.

When the outline of the moon was done, short random lines were added inside.

To give it a stained glass look, we added loops.  The Gallery Glass will stick to the window, but this adds a more realistic look to the moon and star.

We left it flat for 24 hours for the liquid lead to set.

The next day, my daughter added the color inside. If you want to spend a little time getting rid of the bubbles, you can use a toothpick. We left ours as is to add to the realistic look of glass. Allow your work to rest for another 24 hours.

After the Gallery Glass dried, we peeled the moon and star off the blank, added a little embroidery thread and stuck it on our window.

When we get tired of where it is, we can move it to a new window!

We can’t wait to use this fun product in other ways. Perhaps make Arabic personalized window displays for birthdays, Eids or other holidays!

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I am a Libyan American who creates art to promote a positive image of Arab and Islamic culture.