Recycled Camel Paper Roll {Tutorial}

I hate to throw away paper rolls. These are always left over once we finish the kitchen towels. On A Crafty Arab in the past, we have come up with different ways to recycle them into party favors, poppers and sheep.  I recently turned my attention to another favorite animal, a camel.


Camels have a long history of being immigrants in America, having been brought from the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region.  We love to think of different ways we can craft them. Recently I noticed that the used paper towel roll was the same color as a camel and wondered if I could sort out how to make a toy camel for my daughter from it.


I cut a towel roll in half and played around with it until I figured it out. My daughter made a second one with me and we took pictures to share with you. These would be fun at an Egyptian birthday party or maybe an activity at a summer camp.


We hope you try to make your own toy camel!


Recycled Camel Supplies

Towel Roll
Black sharpie

My daughter used the pencil to draw out a camel outline. I let her look at some images online to get ideas. She made sure to draw the tail and neck/head straight up. They will be bent into shape later.

She used the markers to color the hump blanket cover. She added a khatam design in the middle too!

Next she cut out the camel.

She added two big dots for eyes and two little dots for a nose.

The final step is to bend the head and tail down.

She shifted the paper around until the camel could stand on it’s own. Use the other half of the paper roll to make your camel a friend!

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