Islamic Shrinky Dink Charms {Tutorial}

To make today’s Ramadan craft tutorial, we were inspired by a gift from taita, تيتة in Arabic which is grandmother, as inspiration. She loves to bring back gold from her travels to the Middle East.


However, it always makes me worried when my young daughters are out wearing gold. These charms are a great way for kids to still wear Islamic jewelry, which many believe to be protective of the wearer, and not have to worry about them if something were to happen.


My daughter spent the afternoon playing with shrinky dink. I helped with the main outline in replicating the Allah, الله‎ Arabic for God, from the gold gift piece and she printed some templates online for others. She had such a good time with shrinky dinks last time, when she made buttons for an Eid outfit and was excited to work with this medium again.



Hole punch
Color markers
Shape punch
Shrinky dink

We used the Sharpie to draw out the designs on the shirnky dink.

We cut out some designs and used the shape punch on a few others.

My daughter made sure to add room for the hole punch.

We baked the charms, according to the manufactures directions.

Once the charms came out of the oven, we added the oval rings with the pliers.

Now they are ready to add to a necklace. How cute is this Ramadan drum with a window looking out into a night sky?

And my daughter has extra charms to change on her necklace, according to her mood.

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I am a Libyan American who creates art to promote a positive image of Arab and Islamic culture.