Papier-Mâché Camel Pull Toy {Tutorial}

For our Ramadan craft today, we are going back to ancient Egypt.  In more ways than one!


First, we are using papier-mâché, a medium that has been traced back to Egyptian usage of cartonnage, and second, we are making a pull toy, which have been discovered in tombs.  Pull toys were later found in ancient Greek tombs as well and the same toy is being played with today.


While we have tried our hand at making papier-mâché before, this time I found the camel at my favorite art store in Seattle. Because camels are so important, not only in North Africa but also in American history, I love making camel crafts with my daughter to remind her of her heritage and connection to her past.



Camel papier-mâché
Wood beads small & medium
Bamboo stake
Popsicle Sticks
Glue gun
Paint – brushed metal, watercolor, glitter

My daughter first started by painting a red blanket on the camel.

Then she painted the rest of the camel purple. She also painted the popsicle sticks.

Next, my daughter added the glitter to the sides of the red blanket. She was also going to add the pom poms, but changed her mind once she saw how big they were on the blanket.

While the camel was drying, she painted the bamboo stick the brushed copper metal color and touched up the wheels.

She added a small bead to the end and then the larger bead next to it.  She snapped off the bamboo stick at around five inches or so.  She then added another larger bead and a smaller bead to the other side.

My daughter turned on the hot glue gun and once it was ready, added a tiny bit of glue on the very tip to hold in the end beads.

Since the hot glue gun was on, she added a little bit to the bottom of the camel and added the popsicle sticks.

After waiting a minute for the glue to set, she added more glue across the popsicle sticks to hold the wheel sticks.

My daughter’s final step was adding some baker’s twine to her camel pull toy.

The camel pull toy is too small to work on the floor, but she did manage to get the wheels to turn on her desk.


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