Prayer Rug Felt Magnet {Tutorial}

Today’s Ramadan crafts challenge involves making magnets using items found at an office store.


I had found this box of magnet business cards at the office store last time I was buying printer paper and immediately thought of all the fun things that could be made. When I brought it home, I asked my youngest what shape the magnet reminded her of, and she said: my sajjada!


A sajjada,  سجادة in Arabic, or prayer rug, is a piece of fabric used by Muslims, placed between the ground and the worshiper for cleanliness during Islamic prayer.


I pulled out some felts and she spent her afternoon, making a mini replica of her sajjada.



Sticky back felt
Embroidery thread
Magnet Business Cards

My daughters started by cutting a piece of felt that was slightly bigger than the magnet.

She then cut out the inner arabesque shape, inspired by the door cut out of our past mosque pillow.

She also cut two small lines from the sticky felt.

She embroidered the arabesque shape, to hold it into place on the green felt.

She removed the backing and added the lined strips to the sides.

She then removed the backing on the magnet and added it to the back, covering up the embroidery sewing.  She cut off the sides and fringed the ends.

Her mini prayer rug magnet was now ready for use, on the refrigerator!

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