Ramadan Lantern Headband {Tutorial}

In a house with three daughters, one thing we can never seem to have enough of, are hair accessories. So for today’s Ramadan crafts challenge, we decided to tackle this issue by making a special lantern, called a فانوس‎ or fanous in Arabic, headband to wear for this holy month.


We used sticky back felt, making this adornment very versatile because we can change it whenever we’d like. Last time we made a hairclip out of felt, we used the non sticky kind to make a nazar hair clip.


We based our design on the Ramadan lantern countdown free printable template. As long as you make two exact sized pieces, you can make any design you want!



Sticky back felt
Lantern template

To begin, my daughter carefully cut out the lantern template, including the middle area.

For the next step, she outlined the outer layer of the lantern on the red felt. She made sure to cut out two exact pieces.

She then outlined the inside of the lantern on the yellow felt. She only needed to cut one of these.

My daughter removed the backing on the yellow felt and added it to the front of the red felt.

She added the red lantern without the yellow to the back of the headband and placed the identical piece, with the yellow, over it.

My daughter then cut out two small yellow lines from the yellow felt and placed them on the front of the lantern, similar to where they were on the template.

This is a good time for her to check that the two lantern pieces are even.  It’s not fun getting hair stuck in accessories, so trimming now is the perfect opportunity.

Once the headband was ready, she put it on her head. I might have my other daughters make more in differnet colors. I have a feeling this one will be fought over!


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