Ramadan Perler Beads Lantern {Tutorial}

Traditionally to begin our Ramadan crafts 30 day challenge series, we have used Perler Beads in making a crescent moon and star, sheep and Basmala. We thought we would continue by spending our first day of Ramadan making a lantern.


Ramadan lanterns,  فانوس‎ or fanous in Arabic, were first document to have been utilized in Egypt, when they were used to celebrate the arrival of one of the Fatima Caliphs to Cairo during Ramadan, around 960. It has also been recorded that Christian Egyptians would have used the fanous to celebrate Christmas.


My daughter used two colors for her fanous, yellow and orange, to keep things simple. She had no set pattern since one does not exist, so my daughter spent a little bit of time working with the beads until she had an outline that she liked.

Once she had filled in the rest of the beads, I turned on the iron to fuse the beads together.

Once she figured out the pattern, she tried out a few more in different colors.

I pulled out some purple bakers twine and she carefully pushed it thorough the top bead, using the sharp end of a safety pin to help. She tied off a small loop on each fanous.

Now we have a fanous banner to hang.  Not sure how long it will last, so I might add a little big of glue to the top bead, before it heads to hang in her room.

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