Eid Spray Painted Favor Bags {Tutorial}

We are blessed to have been invited to a beach Eid Al Fitr party this year and will be using today’s Ramadan crafts challenge to get ready.  Eid Al Fitr is the three day celebration that commemorates the ending of Ramadan.


I have volunteered to bring the treat bags and wanted something that both easy to make but also didn’t take up a lot of space once the kids opened the bags.


Now that school is over, we have a lot of lunch bags left over. Rather then let them sit in the pantry, I pulled them out to fill with the treats for the party.  Once the party was done, the bags could be folded flat to be carried out with our flip flops, beach towels and happy memories.


I was sent these spray paint paints as my role as Plaid Ambassador. I love the effect they create so much more than regular spray paint because the paint comes out looking like splatter. I love the look it creates artistically and have used them before on making a minaret zakat box.



Acrylic spray paint
Hole punch
Chip board pieces and letters
Paper bags

I started by selecting the chip board letters and/or shapes that spelled Eid and sprayed the acrylic paint on it.

Once the paint had dried, I removed the chip board letters and shapes.  They were ready to reuse right away.

I folded the top of the bag over and punched two holes.

I added a piece of ribbon through the holes and tied it into a bow tie.  I used the scissors to cut out a V shape on the ends of the ribbon.

I was able to reuse the letters over and over since the chipboard absorbed the paint.

Once I was fully finished, I set the paint in a cup and cleaned out the spray mechanism to make more later.


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