Nakba Key Charm {Tutorial}

We are making a gift for our Ramadan craft today for a dear friend who is from Palestine.  We will give it to her at our upcoming Eid Al Fitr celebration.


Eid Al Fitr is the three day holiday that follows the holy month of Ramadan.


The charm is a key inside a frame.  This symbolizes the nakba, or the Palestinian’s 1948 exodus from their country.  Many Palestinians left with the key to their home around their neck, in the hopes of returning someday.


I received the mod melts as my role as Plaid Ambassador.  You can add any type of necklace you would like at the end.



Mod melts
Melt forms – frame and steampunk
Hot glue gun
Oval rings

My daughter picked the gold mod melt color from all the different choices, added it to the hot glue gun and waited for it to heat up.  Once it was at the correct temperature, she filled the small key mold.

She also made a small frame mold.  She waited a few minutes and popped them out of the mold.  She added a tiny bit of hot glue to the back of the frame to attach the key. She used the awl to poke a hole in the top of both charms.

My daughter inserted an oval ring into the hole she just created. She added a necklace before she closed it with the pliers.

Now the charm was done.

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