Ramadan Date Palm Cootie Catcher {Printable}

Have you ever heard of a cootie catcher?  I never knew what one was until I learned all about them from Red Ted Art.


Today we helped make one for them that had a Ramadan theme.  Stop by and check it out to print your own and test your friends on how much they know about the Muslim holy month.  After you do, make sure to have a little fun coloring the date palms.

Once your cootie is put together, it will be exciting to ask all the questions.

Of course, all the answers can be found inside.

Shukran (شكرا thank you in Arabic) for the opportunity to share Ramadan with a new audience. Visit these other cootie catchers that Red Ted Art has made:

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Stop by A Crafty Arab on Pinterest to see more tutorial on Ramadan


I am a Libyan American who creates art to promote a positive image of Arab and Islamic culture.