Ramadan Lantern Washi Card {Tutorial}

My daughter had so much fun making yesterday’s Ramadan craft that she just kept going with the washi tape.  After she made the moon and star, she started on a lantern shape.


Today I’ll show you how she made a Ramadan lantern, called a fanous, فانوس‎ in Arabic. They can be found in houses, restaurants, hotels, malls, etc in Arab countries and other parts of the world that celebrate Ramadan.


She used the same supplies we had, but substituted a card instead of a favor bags.



Washi tape
Double sided tape

My teen worked on this project by first using the ruler and pencil to draw out a lantern shape.

Once she had it drawn out, she used the scissors to cut it out.

She started at the top and working her way down, she added the different colored washi tape.

Once her lantern was covered, she turned it over and folded over all the tape edges.

The final step was to add double sided tape to the back of the lantern and add it to her card.

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