Traveling Mosque Crayon Holder {Tutorial}

Our Ramadan craft today is all about being on the move and making sure the crayons come along.


This easy no sew felt crayon holder can hold a few crayons for those on the go.  The front of it looks like mosque doors, with a khatam, Arabic for eight point star, painted on.


My youngest daughter made this craft and it took her very little time, inspired by the doors she saw on the mosques in Morocco when we traveled there last summer.  I would image these would be easy to make as treats to add to Eid baskets.


I received the paint as my role as Plaid Ambassador and the rest of the supplies were gathered around the house.



White pencil

My daughter measured out an area to cut at 6 x 8 inches. While she had the pencil out, she also marked off six lines, half an inch apart, in the middle area.


After cutting out the crayon holder, she also cut out the lines.

My daughter folded over the fabric in half, then in half again to find the side points.  She cut off an two inches down the side.

She then opened it flat, cut out two arches on the sides and then cut off the area between them.

My daughter made a khatam from two small squares, placed them over the door and painted over it to create a negative space.

She painted the khatam the second fabric paint color, this one full of sparkle!

Once the mosque doors were done, they looked like this.

Next my daughter opened the doors and placed the crayons in the slots.  She also had room to add a small pencil.

So that the crayons and pencil do not fall out while traveling, my daughter used a ribbon to tie them all together. She cut a little v in the ends of the ribbon.

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I am a Libyan American who creates art to promote a positive image of Arab and Islamic culture.