Arabesque Paint Chip Coasters {Tutorial}

After making the lantern love sign yesterday as part of our Ramadan crafts challenge, my daughter used the same supplies for these arabesque coasters.

She wanted to give her teacher a small gift for Ramadan and since he drinks a lot of tea during class, these seemed perfect.

The instructions are almost identical to our Ramadan crafts project yesterday but instead of hand cutting the design to go on top of the wood, we used a punch with an arabesque shape. I received a few of these items as my role of Plaid Ambassador.


The first thing my daughter did was paint all four coasters with the brush metal to give it a gold texture.

Next she used the punch to cut out the arabesque shapes. She made sure to have the line from the paint chip sample go directly in the center of the punch.

The final step is to add Mod Podge to the back of the shapes, and the wood coaster to bind the two to each other. She added a full coat over each coaster, then once that was dry, she added two more coats.

She will let the coasters fully sit and seal for 24 hours before she will wrap them up and give them to her teacher as a gift.

My daughter did such a great job with the blue and gold, I love how the two of them go so well with each other. Since we have extra paint chip samples, I may have to make an extra set for myself!

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