Color Shift Glitterific Mosque Decor {Tutorial}

There has been so much sunshine this spring in our area.

We decided to create our Ramadan craft today to use the natural light to shift the metallic luster of the both the paint of this mosque and its glitter background.

We had FolkArt Color Shift Metallic Paint and Glitterific™ Acrylic Paint on a wood pallet block. I recieved both as my role of Plaid Ambassador. The wood pallet I found for this craft was divided into four parts, so I looked online for a mosque design that was drawn in blocks.

My teen created this in one afternoon and thought it would make great end of year gifts for friends. We are now on the lookout for more wood blocks!


  • Wood pallet
  • Glitterific paint
  • Color Shift paint
  • Pencil
  • Paintbrush
  • Mosque image

The first thing my daughter did was outline the mosque shape with a pencil.

Once she was done, she painted inside the lines with the color shift paint. She added two more layers, allowing a few hours between each one to fully dry.

The final step was to add the glitterific paint.

My daughter added only one layer but you can decided if you want more or not.

We may add more glitter later. Right now, we have run out of time because we added so many layers of the color shift paint. But we love how the bottle said clear, but the glitter is picking up our multicolored shirts in the sunshine!

What do you think, should we add another layer of glitterific paint? Let us know under our Facebook post.

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