Lantern Love Decor {Tutorial}

Part of our annual Ramadan crafts tradition is to make up new decor for the holy month, like this lantern love sign. This helps make the month special and sets it apart from the rest of the year.

Finding decor that is inexpensive and easy to make is always an added plus. The paper I used for this project was a used Kleenex box that had an arabesque design. Reuse, reduce, recycle is a lesson that children should learn early, and during a month when they should be thinking of others, it is a good reminder that we also need to think about what we are leaving behind on earth. Look around the house and see what other art projects you can make out of decorative paper that won’t end up in a landfill.

I received the blank wood plaque as my Plaid Ambassador role but you can also use canvas or other surfaces that are easy to paint.

I cut the letters L V E from the decorative paper and made the O look like a lantern from the pretty pattern. I was inspired by the LOVE sculpture by Robert Indiana, that is in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

LOVE by Robert Indiana


  • Wood arabesque sign
  • Xacto
  • Pen
  • Paintbrushes (2)
  • Glitter paint
  • Orange paint
  • Mod Podge
  • White paint
  • L V E letters
  • Decorative paper

My daughters have finals this week, so I decided to create this simple sign myself by first painting the wood plaque orange, picking up the orange outline on the Kleenex box.

While the wood was drying, I traced out the letters on the decorative paper.

I used the Xacto to cut out the letters after they were traced.

I also cut out a lantern shape from the paper to use instead of the letter O. I cut the bottom in a straight line then also carefully removed the middle.

I layed out ther letters to make sure everything fit, then used the pen to make small dots for the lantern light.

Using the dots as a guide, I painted a white box for the inside of the lantern.

I then secured the letters and lantern down with Mod Podge, applying several coats.

Once the Mod Podge had dried, I filled the middle of the lantern with the glitter paint.

Finally, to make everything stand out more, I went back over all the edges with the black pen.

Now the Lantern Love sign is ready to go on a shelf, or I can add a hook to the back and hang it from our front door.

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I am a Libyan American who creates art to promote a positive image of Arab and Islamic culture.