Ramadan Ice Cream Calendar {Tutorial}

We love to create advent Ramadan calendars to remind us to do good deeds everyday. Plus they help the kids count down the 30 days till Eid.

I love to find unusual materials to make our Ramadan advent calendar, once using left over fencing materials and another time using spice containers. This time I found these adorable ice cream containers at our local grocery store.

They are the perfect size for portion control, and also offer a variety of flavors for each family member. Each box contained 24, so I had to buy two!

I only needed a few more items to turn the little plastic pieces into reusable containers to hold our good deeds.


  • Small plastic containers
  • Glue
  • Tag punch
  • Magnets
  • Number printouts
  • Good deeds printouts

I started by using the punch to cut out each of the numbers.

Next, I placed a good deed into each container and added a small portion of glue on the sides.

The last step is to add a little magnet to the back so that the calendar can go on our refrigerator.

Each day after we break our fast, my daughters will take turns lifting up the number tag to see what activity we will be doing.

Be sure to stop by A Crafty Arab on Pinterest to see other calendars we have made in the past.

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