Ramadan Perler Mosque {Tutorial}

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In the past, we have begun our Ramadan crafts 30 day challenge series, with Perler Beads.

We have enjoyed making a crescent moon and star, sheep, Basmala and last year we attempted a Ramadan lantern banner. Perler beads are great for little hands to keep busy.

As usual, since there is no set pattern for a mosque, so my daughter drew out her design to have an idea of size.

She choose to make her mosque in blues and greens, with black handles for the door and a good top for the dome.

After working out how tall the minaret was, she moved on to create the main building and dome.

Once the mosque was done, she used an ironing sheet on the mosque to heat bond the beads to each other.

While the mosque was cooling, my daughter spent a little time updating the letters to spell Ramadan Kareem (Generous Ramadan) and years (2019 Georgian and 1440 Hijri).

Now her Perler mosque is done and ready to be used for decor in our house.

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