Ramadan Popsicle Suncatcher {Tutorial}

For our Ramadan craft today, we thought it would be fun to combine the last two days to make this Ramadan Kareem color shift glitterific suncatcher in the shape of a khatam, Arabic for 8 point star.

We used the shape from our caution sign and the paints from the mosque and now have a fun suncatcher that glitters in the sun.

We printed out the words Ramadan Kareem on vellum. The words mean “may Ramadan be generous to you” in Arabic and is a saying used during the holy month by some. Not everyone uses it, and some believe that saying Ramadan Mubarak, which means Glorious Ramadan in Arabic, is better, but I grew up saying both as a child in Libya. So today my daughter and I talked about the difference between the two sayings as she made this suncatcher.


  • Ramadan Kareem printed on vellum
  • Glue
  • Paintbrush
  • Xacto
  • Color shift paint
  • Glitterific paint
  • Popscicle sticks (8)

Our first step was to paint the popsicle sticks with the purple color shift paint. We only need to paint one side of the eight sticks.

We waited a few hours, then my daughter added the glitterific paint to the sticks.

You can see how the glitter started out white in the bottle, but it really picks up the purple from the paint to create this fantastic texture.

Once all eight sticks had fully dried, my daughter glued four of them into a square. She repeated the same step with the other four sticks.

She then glued the two squares to each other, offsetting them to create a khatam.

The final step is to add the vellum to the back of the khatam with glue, then going over the edges to cut off the extra paper.

We waited a few hours for everything to fully dry, then found a suction hanger to add it to our window. I took the photo too late in the day, so the sun was in the wrong spot for my image. I wish that you can see how the glitter is super sparkly in the window.

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I am a Libyan American who creates art to promote a positive image of Arab and Islamic culture.