99 Creative Arab World Projects {Resource}

I created this list of 99 Arab world children educational projects as there is so much misinformation about the Arab World in the press and A Crafty Arab blog hopes to combat that with positive, educational posts for children.

Over the years, my daughters and I have originated over 500 craft tutorials, eraser marked printables, read through book lists, argued over resources and made yummy food to learn about the 22 countries in the Middle East and North Africa that share a linguistic, geographic & lineage connection.

I thought I’d compile them all here in one post to make it easier for parents, educators and caregivers to find. Some post might contain affiliate links for supplies or books but all of them are free.

Arab World General Crafts

Amazigh Inspired Shrinky Dink Bracelet {Tutorial}

Arab League Capitals Word Search {Printable}

Arab League Countries Word Search {Printable}

Arab League Word Puzzle {Printable}

Arab Women Cartoon Book {Tutorial}

Arab World Rocks {Tutorial}

Clothespin Dabke Dancers {Tutorial}

Cookie Cutter Palm Tree Candle {Tutorial}

Couscous Heart Pin {Tutorial}

Dabke Dancers Paper Bags {Tutorial}

Fez K-Cup Headband {Tutorial}

Jordan Almonds Origami Treat Box {Tutorial}

North Africa Mr. Jellabiya Card {Tutorial}

Palm Tree Celery Stamp Art {Tutorial}

Paper Bag Dabke Dancers {Tutorial}

Pyramid Paper Lantern {Tutorial}

Recycled Fez Party Hat {Tutorial}

Arab World Animal Crafts

Camel Fold-in {Tutorial}

Camel Garden Stake {Tutorial}

Camel Straw Racing {Tutorial}

Donkey and Cart Paper Cut Outs {Tutorial}

Freezer Paper Camel {Tutorial}

Papier-Mâché Camel Pull Toy {Tutorial}

Recycled Camel Paper Roll {Tutorial}

Recycled Camel Snack Cup {Tutorial}

Arab World Food Recipes

6 Kid Approved Stuffed Dates {Recipe}

Arab Homemade Hummus {Recipe} Plus {Review}

Arab Tabbouleh Salad {Recipe}

BaklaWa Pops {Recipe}

Chocolate Moon and Star Krispie Treats {Recipe}

Kofta Crescent Ring {Recipe}

Ramadan Man’ousheh Mini Bites {Recipe}

Arab World Holiday Crafts

Arabic Christmas Card {Printable}

Arabic Christmas Pallet {Tutorial}

Arabic Happy New Year 2017 {Printable}

Arabic Happy New Year 2018 Party Hat {Printable}

Arabic Mother’s Day Card {Tutorial}

Arabic Valentine’s Day Cards {Printable}

Christmas in the Arab World {Resource}

Father’s Day Baba Accordion Card {Tutorial}

Mawlid Al Nabi Good Deeds Centerpiece {Tutorial}

Mawlid Al Nabi Khamsa Centerpiece {Tutorial}

Arab World Language/Number Crafts

160 Arabic Origin English Words {Resource}

Arabic Ramadan Countdown {Tutorial}

Ramadan Flip Card Calendar {Tutorial}

Arab World Music Crafts

Recycled Cardboard Oud {Tutorial}

Recycled Cup Darbuka {Tutorial}

Arab World People Resources

Fatima Al-Fihriyya: Remarkable Arab Women {Resource}

Helen Zughaib: Remarkable Arab Women {Resource}

Mariam al-Astrulabi: Remarkable Arab Women {Resource}

Sam Maloof: Remarkable Arab Men {Resource}

8 Remarkable Arab Women Artists {Resource}

8 More Remarkable Arab Women Artists {Resource}

Arab Country Craft Tutorials, Printable, Recipes & Resources


Algeria Geometric Painting {Tutorial}

Algeria Hot Lasagna {Recipe}


Bahrain Crayon Holder Flag {Tutorial}


Comoros Layered Papercut {Tutorial}


Djibouti Treasure Tin {Tutorial}


Celebrating Shamm el-Nessim in Egypt {Resource}

Egyptian Ful Medames {Recipe}

Egyptian Mummy Charm {Tutorial}

Egyptian Water Bottle {Tutorial}


Iraqi Flag Suncatcher {Tutorial}


Jordan Craft Stick Flag {Tutorial}


Kuwait PomPom Flag {Tutorial}


Lebanese Cedar Bead Tree {Tutorial}

Lebanese Flag Candle {Tutorial}

Lebanese Lentil Soup {Recipe}

Lebanese Meghli {Recipe}


Libya Collage Pin {Tutorial}

Libyan Cooling Fan {Tutorial}

Libyan Flag Egg Carton {Tutorial}

Libyan Shakshuka {Recipe} Plus {Review}

Libyan Sharba Soup {Recipe}

Libyan Sharmoula Salad {Recipe} Guest Post

Libyan Stuffed & Fried Mubatan {Recipe}

Top 20 Reasons you know you’re Libyan {Resource}


Mauritania Flag Banner {Tutorial}


Moroccan Harira Soup {Recipe}

Moroccan Sweet Stew {Recipe}

Morocco Flag Candy Dish {Tutorial}


Oman Paint Chip Art {Tutorial}


Children Books About Palestine {Resource}         

Nakba Key Charm {Tutorial}        

Nakba Shrinky Dink Key Chain {Tutorial}

Palestine Is In My Heart T-shirt {Tutorial}

Palestine Landscape Notebook {Tutorial}


Qatar Bookmark Flag {Tutorial}

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia Cut Canvas Flag {Tutorial}

Saudi Arabia Creamy Tomato and Chickpea Soup {Recipe}


Somalia Pennant Flag {Tutorial}


Sudan Flag Lantern {Tutorial}

Sudan Writing Board {Tutorial} plus Kadis {Review}


Syria is in My Heart Necklace {Tutorial}

Syrian Pinwheel Flag {Tutorial}  

Syrian Pistachio Truffles {Recipe}


Tunisia Bleach T-shirt Flag {Tutorial}

United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates Button Card {Tutorial}


Yemen Trivet Flag {Tutorial}


Please be sure to visit the other 99 free resource lists here on A Crafty Arab or on Pinterest.


I am a Libyan American who creates art to promote a positive image of Arab and Islamic culture.