Teen Quarantine Schedule {Resource}

I put this schedule of things to do with my quarantine teens to give them a sense of normalcy during the COVID19 novel coronavirus, when the world may feel scary.

It keeps the same events happening before lunch and after lunch, then allows them free time. While keeping up with school work is very important, making sure the kids take breaks from electronics, and more importantly the news, plus spending time with other family members is a high priority right now.

We start our day at 9, but you are welcome to start yours earlier. After breakfast, we will do some light stretches or yoga.

Now that our bodies have been woken up with food and our bodies have woken up with movement, we can start schoolwork. Because we were so close to an area in American with the highest deaths, our district has anticipated our school closure and my kids have been sent home with sufficient work.

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We try to only do schoolwork for an hour, then take a break by doing some creative play. Since I have an artist studio in my home, that means pulling out some paints, or paper or glue and having some fun. We can spend some time doing a craft about the Arab world, or Muslim culture. Since April is so close, we can do some Ramadan crafts to get ready, or do some reading.

After lunch and doing any prep we need to get ready for dinner, we start over again, this time maybe with a bike ride or walk outside.

Chore time is a great time to not just do some light cleaning, but in that hour we are encouraging the kids to pick a pile of “stuff” in their room and get rid of it. This not only helps with hoarding, but it eliminates one more place for dust to settle.

The rest of the day and evening is free time. It is important during this weighted time to find ways to relax and take your mind off of the stress of living through an pandemic.

What are ways you are dealing with the COVID19 novel coronavirus? Leave your suggestions on this A Crafty Arab Facebook post for others to use.


I am a Libyan American who creates art to promote a positive image of Arab and Islamic culture.