30 Ramadan Quarantine Activity Ideas {Resource}

ramadan kids activities

After making the Ramadan calendar for my daughters to countdown the days of this holy month, I went to find deeds or activities to add inside.

While there were so many great ideas, including one we used in the past, most of the cards had activities that we are not able to do due to COVID19 quarantine. As much as we would like to “visit the mosque” or “take iftar to a new convert” being in isolation has made those ideas impossible at this time.

I took a little time this afternoon and created a list for them of things to do while we are in lock down. They include religious activities, as well as things to do that help pass a full or partial day of fasting for kids.


I hope you are able to use any part of this list for your own Ramadan memories. Have other ideas? Share them with us on Facebook.

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ramadan kids activities


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