Ramadan Yarn Wrapped Wreath {Tutorial}

ramadan craft, wreath, yarn, islam, muslim

We made this moon yarn wrapped wreath for our Ramadan craft decor out of a few simple supplies we found cleaning our home during COVID quarantine.

The moon frame was found while going through the garage. It is from an old landscape bush, bought from our local gardening center a few years ago.

The yarn was left over from a scarf attempt last winter from one of my daughters that never fully, well, became a scarf.

We also used a pair of embroidery scissors as well to help cut the yarn in tight spots.

The moon shape is very common around Ramadan. This is due to the Islamic calendar being lunar, so the days of the holy month could be counted, depending on where the moon is in it’s journey across the sky.

To start, my daughter tied off one end of the yard to one of the ends of moon.

Then she simply kept wrapping the yarn, until she got to the other end and tied that off as well.

One tip she wanted to share, to help keep the yarn from getting tangled: every other wrap, go around one side of the wire once to hold that line in place.

My daughter made sure to leave enough on the end so the wreath could be hung outside our door to welcome Ramadan!

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ramadan craft, wreath, yarn, islam, muslim


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