Eid Treasure Hunt {Printable}

To wrap up Ramadan, I created a children Eid treasure hunt to solve clues. It is similar to one we enjoyed previously, before my kids received their Eid gifts.

Eid Al Fitar, is a holiday that commemorates the end of the holy month of Ramadan. It will be observed by Muslims around the world this Sunday. Eid Mubarak is a greeting shared by Muslims that means Blessed Holiday.

When we tried an Eid treasure hunt a few years ago, I hand wrote the clues. I then left them around our home. This time, I decided to type them out.

Simply print out the clues that I’ve conveniently placed on one sheet, cut out the squares and tape them in place.

I have added two SORRY boxes. These can be used if you have say, two locations where you keep markers (clue #7). I also included an award EID MUBARAK to place on the laundry room door, or closet door, or wherever you keep your stinky clothes (clue #9), after the final clue.

Eid treasure hunt answer key

CLUE 1: You will realize that with every clue you will feel like a winner, so look under where you have your suhoor DINNER

CLUE 2: Is all this work making your tired? Do you need to rest your head? Since you’re here, how about a peek under your BED

CLUE 3: One hand is longer than its other, but there is no need to call a doc, just look around the living room CLOCK

CLUE 4: Some clues are very easy, don’t you think? Like this one that simply asks you to look under the kitchen SINK

CLUE 5: Are you having fun? Do you feel like you can do more? Okay. But first answer that knock on the front DOOR

CLUE 6: This next clue will not take up your entire iftar, just look at where your parents park their CAR

CLUE 7: It’s a good thing this treasure hunt hasn’t driven you bonkers, you will need all your brain cells to find this clue around the crayons and MARKERS

CLUE 8: As we clean up and get ready for Eid with a good scrub, maybe you should peek around the bathTUB

CLUE 9: Sorry but you’ve got to plug your nose, because the Eid gifts are in the room with the dirty CLOTHES

Print our your copy here.

Tomorrow I will share the treasure boxes I made for them to find. Be sure to stop by these other non-candy Eid favors to give out.

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I am a Libyan American who creates art to promote a positive image of Arab and Islamic culture.