Fez No Sew Hairclip {Tutorial}

We made this red fez no sew hairclip as part of our Ramadan crafts to learn about these fun hats named for a city in Morocco.

The fez (Arabic فاس‎ , Amazigh: ⴼⴰⵙ ), is a felt headdress in the shape of a short cylindrical peakless hat, usually red, and sometimes with a tassel attached to the top. The name “fez” refers to the Moroccan city of Fez, where the dye to color the hat was extracted from crimson berries.

This hat has been worn all over the world, by men and women, sometimes in black instead of red.

It has integrated itself deeply in history, taking a significant part of a 1908 Austro-Hungarian annexation of Bosnia-Herzegovina “Fez Boycott” and being banned as part of traditional clothing in 1925 in Turkey’s attempt to modernize. Even in America, there are many fraternal orders who are know for wearing fez hats, such at the Shriners, and the hat has even shown up in movies, like the Laurel and Hardy film Sons of the Desert.

This craft took a little more skill, so my older teen helped put it together.


  • Felt – two red pieces, one is sticky back
  • Hairclip
  • Yellow embroidery thread
  • Scissors
  • Sharpie
  • Awl
  • Glue

I helped my teen draw out a line shape that was curved and also three circles.

The first two circles were close in size, with one of them just a little bit smaller, while the third circle was slightly larger than the other two. The largest circle was cut from the sticky back felt, while everything else was cut from the regular felt. My daughter cut out all four shapes.

To make the hat’s cylindrical shape, my daughter added glue to one of the ends and folded the other over it.

She set that aside for a few moments to work on the top and tassel, first using the awl to create a hole in the smallest of the circle.

To make the mini tassle, my daughter wrapped embroidery around the end of a pen.

She then carefully tied one end of the loop.

My daughter cut off an extra piece of embroidery thread and tied all the thread together at the top.

She then placed the scissors inside the loop and cut the threads at the bottom of the tassel.

Now that our hat shape was dry and our tassle was done, it was time to put the hat together. My daughter started by cutting a few small notches on the top of the hat.

My daughter then added the medium circle inside the hat shape, folding over the top of the hat and gluing down the edges.

She then added the tassel to the hole in the middle of the smallest circle.

My daughter added the smallest circle to the top of the hat and glued it down to the middle circle.

Now that the top of the hat was done, my daughter started on the bottom, adding glue to the edges of largest circle and attaching it. You do not have to remove the stick back from the felt circle, we just used this type of felt as it is thicker and will hold the bottom shape well.

The final step is to add glue so that the hair clip can be attached.

We let everything dry for a few hours before trying on our hairclip.

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