Ramadan Arabic English Crossword {Printable}

ramadan worksheet crossword puzzle

I created two Ramadan crossword puzzles for my daughters today, that have the same answers, but one has them in English, while the other is in Arabic.

We started first with the Ramadan English crossword puzzle. I had them look for the words: Ablution, Lantern, Dawn, Drummer, Dusk, Fasting, Moon, Mosque and Prayer.

ramadan worksheet crossword puzzle

Once they had spent some time solving that puzzle, I took their answers away and gave them the Ramadan Arabic crossword puzzle. This one includes the same answers: Iftar, Famous, Masjid, Musaharati, Qamar, Salah, Suhoor, and Wudu.

ramadan worksheet crossword puzzle

I also included the same answer on both the English & Arabic puzzles to give kids one easy answer for Ramadan and Eid Al Fitar.

You can download it for free here.

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ramadan worksheet crossword puzzle


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