S’more Crescent Moon Dip {Recipe}

eid kid treat recipe

Our family was introduced to s’mores dip at a girl scout event and plan to add a crescent moon shape to the top, to include it in our Eid AlFitar home party.

Eid AlFitar (Arabic: عيد الفطر‎), is the holiday that marks the end of the holy month of Ramadan. When it begins is determined on a lunar calendar. Part of the festive celebrations is baking treats and sharing them with loved ones.

Due to COVID19, this holiday will be harder without friends and family around, so we have decided to spend less time making elaborate desserts, with elaborate fillings that only the two grownups in the home would have to finish alone. We will be spending more time making kid friendly treats, by having the kids decide on the foods they want to eat.

The word s’more is a shortened version of the words “some more” and is a sandwich treat that consists of a melted marshmallow added to a layer of chocolate placed between two pieces of graham crackers. The first known s’mores recipe was published in a Girl Scout guidebook from 1927.

S’mores marshmallows are traditionally melted using a campfire, but we made our dip in the oven by gathering a few supplies in our kitchen.


  • Chocolate chips
  • Marshmallows (we get halal ones from Trader Joes, check your local organic grocery store for non-animal ingredients)
  • Pie pan
  • Toothpicks
  • Yellow & purple sprinkles
  • Butter
  • Graham crackers
  • Paper towel
  • Wax paper
eid kid treat recipe

Place one marshmallow on a toothpick and fully submerge it in water.

eid kid treat recipe

Wipe most of the water off on the paper towel, then roll the marshmallow in the sprinkles.

eid kid treat recipe

Let the marshmallows sit on the wax paper for about have an hour, then use kitchen scissors to cut them in half. If your scissors get gooey from cutting, rub a little butter on them in between. Clean the scissors off between the different colors.

eid kid treat recipe

We made 10 purple marshmallows then started work on the yellow ones.

eid kid treat recipe

Once we had colored all our marshmallows, we needed to get stared on prepping the pie pan. We mixed half a cup of melted butter with 12 crushed crackers and layering that on the bottom. Next we added a layer of chocolate chips.

eid kid treat recipe

Finally we arranged the cut up marshmallows on top in the shape of a crescent moon.

We placed our plate in the oven at 450 F for 7 minutes. This not only melts the chocolate into the crackers but it also melts the marshmallows into each other. Use whole graham crackers to dip into the result. It is best to eat it while it is still a warm and gooey mess.

eid kid treat recipe

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