Temporary Kaaba Centerpiece {Tutorial}

We crafted a Ramadan temporary Kaaba inspired centerpiece as a palpable reminder to be extra devotional for the sake of Allah during the holy month.

Muslims around the world are currently observing Ramadan in isolation and are praying to the direction of the Kaaba, remotely from their homes.

However, due to COVID19, images are being posted online of the Kaaba being empty during the quarantine lock-down.

Traditional, the months of Ramadan and Dhu al-Hijjah are the most visited to Saudi Arabia. These months hold the two biggest Eids of the year and are when Muslims perform their pilgrimage to the Kaaba, one of the five pillars that is required of them to do in their lifetimes.

This craft is temporary because Muslims believe it is never a good idea to make a permanent replica of the Kaaba, as it may lead to false narratives. However, if it is used for educational or short temporary purposes, it is permissible.

Once Ramadan is over, this craft is very easy to take apart & the supplies can be re-used for other purposes, so that no part of it is thrown away.


We had received this clear container with wrapped chocolate in it, so it was clean, but clean yours so that it is fresh and all the sides are totally clear. My daughter placed enough black crinkle cut paper to fill it about two thirds full. She made sure to pack it tight.

My daughter then added an inch of the gold crinkle cut paper, then added more black.

Now our temporary Kaaba inspired centerpiece is ready for the middle of our mantle for the duration of Ramadan, as part of our festive holiday decor.

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I am a Libyan American who creates art to promote a positive image of Arab and Islamic culture.