Moroccan Halal Jerky {Review}

Our family recently took Moroccan halal beef jerky on a hike in the Pacific Northwest and it was the perfect portable snack.

Once Covid19 hit in March, we have been looking for ways to add exercise to our routine since the kids do not have physical education in school.

We have found that short local hikes, done with masks worn and at very early times when the trails were likely to be empty, were the perfect solution for our family.

I recently was sent information about this company from a relative, who had tried their products and thought my kids would enjoy them. She was right, they can’t get enough of them!

The name of the company is Moroccan Khlii and they sent me some halal beef jerky khlii and halal beef jerky harissa. From their website:

Khlea (also called khlii or qadeed) is a way to preserve meat (jerky) that dates back to several centuries ago. At the time, there were no options for refrigeration, so people would prepare their meat and store it in clay pots in what was called al-Matmura [a food storage room or pantry of sorts, typically underground].

Some parents out there might be wondering if jerky is good for hiking and the answer is yes, it is one of the best snacks. It is lightweight and does not take up much space, plus packed with protein, essential for steady exercise. Sodium helps keep your body hydrated and jerky gives a quick energy boost.

I had wanted to try this jerky in our families recipe for Shakshuka, but the kids finished it all before I could save some. It looks like I will have to order more! You should order some too, as well as check out their collection of olives and sweets.

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I am a Libyan American who creates art to promote a positive image of Arab and Islamic culture.