Ramadan Crafts Contest Winner {Resource}

To celebrate the 10 year anniversary of #CraftyRamadan, a Ramadan crafts 30 day challenge, A Crafty Arab held a contest and today we picked a winner.

This annual challenge was to create a project a day for the Islamic holy month, Ramadan, when Muslims around the world fast, with 30 days of activities for parents and caregivers to do with children.

My daughters and I were excited to see all the crafts that we had been tagged in.

Ultimately we picked Daisy, who used our Nazar felt tutorial to create her own hair clip for her daughter.

We have to say, it was an incredibly hard decision as there were so many great choices. We will be contacting them to offer other prizes since we were so touched that our tutorials were used.

Due to the pandemic, Plaid Crafts is a little backed up in the warehouse and will have to substitute a few items from those that I listed on the original contest rules.

To make up for it, they will increase the prize package from $50 to $100. What a generous offer! Be sure to check out all the ways we have fun with my role as Plaid Ambassador.


I am a Libyan American who creates art to promote a positive image of Arab and Islamic culture.