Top Muslim Homeschools {Resource}

Teaching during COVID19 has stretched many parents thin. I created a list of top Muslim homeschool resources to share with those that need extra assistance.

Maybe you feel that your children’s school could be doing more. Or maybe that it does not provide the correct curriculum for your child’s needs.

Make sure to do your own research about each of these resources. Check out not only their websites, but their Facebook, Instagram (links have been added) or Twitter social media pages. Do your own investigation to make sure the printouts and lessons are the right ones for you and your child.

Some of these homeschools are located in America, some in the United Kingdom and some from the Muslim world. Please let us know if we are missing any by using our Contact form. Be sure to also look into local guidelines, to make sure you are reaching their set milestones in your child’s education.

Top 10+ Muslim home school websites

A Muslim Homeschool, IG — A Muslim Home School blog offers free printable educational resources & articles. These relate to the Muslim child, education and family life.

Everyday Iibaadah, IG — We are committed to creating resources made especially for the Muslim student. These lessons are common core compatible, meets national and next generation science standards for learning. Our curriculum is designed with care for classrooms. It could be used by home-schools, parents looking to supplement, and children who are eager to learn.

Happy Muslim Homeschool, IG — Umm Saleh, is a homeschool mama now living the expat life. She enjoys batch cook connoisseur and education enthusiast who loves a piece of white chocolate over dark any day.

Home Made Teacher, IG — As many parents have resorted to home-schooling, this website has been devised in order to apply as many resources and activities. It hopes to enhance the learning experience for your children. The aim is to expand and develop our resources as we grow. Our intention is to have an Islamic-based learning experience. Thus allowing our children to benefit from both secular and religious education.

Ihsaan Home Academy, IG — A Muslim homeschooling and parenting blog. You can find free printables, educational resources, parenting tips, and more.

Mamateachesme, IG — Hafsa nurtures Islam into her way of life. This grounds children in who they are, from a young age. There are many ways children can access their faith. Sometimes there are age-inappropriate resources, or stories with difficult language or Islamic concepts that are introduced way too early. And so I, Hafsa is on the mission to create accessible, fun, creative and digital resources for Muslim Kids.

Muslim Home Educators, IG — A site that is intended to be a one-stop resource for Muslim Home Educators worldwide, inshaAllah. Filled with the contribution of articles and videos from a variety of home educators worldwide. It is our intention and hope that we will benefit anyone who wants to assess or provide home based education. Readers can also come to enjoy book reviews, downloads, a classifieds section, and even podcasts.

Muslim Homeschoolers Unite, IG — Muslim Homeschoolers Unite is a super supportive homeschooling community. We offer beautiful Islamic resources to Muslim families worldwide.

Our Muslim Homeschool, IG — We offer support and resources that make homeschooling our Muslim children rewarding and beneficial. Follow this blog for homeschooling resources, product and curriculum reviews, advice about home-education and day-in-the-life videos.

Salam Homeschooling, IG — Muslim wife and mother to Mr12, Mr9 and Miss5. She is trying to cultivate her family upon the Qur’an and the Sunnah. With the understanding of the first generations of Islam.

Studio Arabiya, IG — Studio Arabiya provides the Highest Quality of Arabic and Qur’an lessons with the lowest tuition prices online.

The Kids Part, IG — Khadijah is a homeschooling mother to three beautiful children. They learn, explore, read, and play, all day long. Their screen time is mostly limited to talking to family 7000 km away! My husband and I have nearly 5 languages between us. We speak to the children in 3 out of those 5

Umamah Learning Academy, IG — We offer postings on things we do at home. We make our learning fun, interactive and long lasting Inshallah. Life is a challenge and all days are not the same, we have our ups and downs.


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