#50PreciousWords 2021 Submission {Resource}

I am participating, with a refugee short story, in the 5th annual #50PreciousWords writing contest for children’s writers, being held by Vivian Kirkfield.

Truth be told, I had written a much more uplifting story about a young artist visiting a museum. However, after the Syrian bomb attack by America this week, I thought of the children in the town and my own memories of fleeing arose. This 50 word story wanted to be told instead.

Hopefully the little artist can visit a museum next year.

I am having problems posting it on the main page, so my 50 word entry ‘My Mother’s Whisper’ is below, but will link to it as soon as I am successful.

{Update: after multiple tries, it’s here! Please do stop by & let me know what you think of it.}

My Mother's Whisper
by K. Tarapolsi (50 words)

Soulless planes deliver bombs.  
She whispered,
if anything happens, I love you.      

Clenching a sparse suitcase 
on an overflowing boat,   
her whispers   
change to chants.   
Weeks passed   
before they cease.


Clenching a bursting backpack   
as crowded school buses   
deliver children.  
Again, she whispers,
if anything happens, I love you. 


I am a Libyan American who creates art to promote a positive image of Arab and Islamic culture.