10+ Ramadan Lantern Crafts {Resource}

I gathered all our Ramadan Lantern tutorials as the countdown to Ramadan 2021, due to start on April 12th is on. Click on each Ramadan lantern to see how we crafted them.

We are also going to be live on Instagram 10th of April to teach you how we made a few of them.


Paper Lantern Chain {Printable}

 I created this paper Ramadan lantern chain printable for my daughters to have a little fun decorating our mantle space and window sills for Eid.

These adorable little lanterns can be printed on colored paper or plain and then decorated with markers or not. My daughters were only limited in their imagination.

Happy Eid Salmon Banner {Printable}

Eid is Eid Al-Fitr, the holiday to commemorate the end of Ramadan. For those thinking of Eid decorations, I wanted to share the printables I made to get ready.  They are an update of my teal Eid decorations, but with the salmon color that came in second in last year’s color vote.

Ramadan Lantern Card {Tutorial}

Today my helper was my 7 year old, who designed the middle of the lanterns herself when she decided my plain interpretation was too boring. I hope you agree that her adjustments are what really make the card.

Ramadan Lantern Countdown {Printable}

I created this Ramadan lantern 30 day printable as the perfect little countdown for toddlers and young children to help see the 30 days of fasting, which is required of able Muslims during the holy month. It is free as a download once you subscribe to the A Crafty Arab newsletter.

Ramadan Lantern Foil Art {Tutorial}

This craft was done by my youngest and she’d rate it as medium. Cutting the wrappers and making them fit  into the lines was getting to be too much for her.  But I told her it was okay if she went over the lines a bit.

Ramadan Lantern Headband {Tutorial}

In a house with three daughters, one thing we can never seem to have enough of, are hair accessories. So for today’s Ramadan crafts challenge, we decided to tackle this issue by making a special lantern, called a فانوس‎ or fanous in Arabic, headband to wear for this holy month.

Ramadan Lantern Washi Card {Tutorial}

In this tutorial I will  show you how my daughter made a Ramadan lantern, called a fanous, فانوس‎ in Arabic. They can be found in houses, restaurants, hotels, malls, etc in Arab countries and other parts of the world that celebrate Ramadan.

Ramadan Lantern Yarn Silhouette Art {Tutorial}

My youngest worked on this Lantern yarn art and she thought it was “super duper” easy. As in easy enough for a toddler, if you do all the cutting for them and just have them do the placement as a sensory craft.

Ramadan Perler Beads Lantern {Tutorial}

Traditionally to begin our Ramadan crafts 30 day challenge series, we have used Perler Beads in making a crescent moon and star, sheep and Basmala. We thought we would continue by spending our first day of Ramadan making a lantern.

Ramadan Tissue Paper Lantern {Tutorial}

We crafted this easy to cut Ramadan lantern by stacking tissue paper and gluing it down, to celebrate the holy month.

Vellum Ramadan Lantern {Tutorial}

We’ve made little table Ramadan lanterns on this blog before, but today we wanted to make a really big vellum one that hangs next to our front door.


Here are more lanterns that don’t have Ramadan in their title, but still can be used for the holy month.


I hope you are able to use any part of this list for your own Ramadan memories. Have other ideas? Share them with us on Facebook and Instagram.

To see more resources about Ramadan, be sure to visit A Crafty Arab on Pinterest.


I am a Libyan American who creates art to promote a positive image of Arab and Islamic culture.