Farewell Day #SpringFlingKidLit 2021

I’ve decided to submit a short story, Farewell Day, for the Spring Fling Kid Lit writing contest, It is 130 words.

Winter sits at the edge of March 20th.

Don’t go, the crisp in the air pleads. Don’t leave me alone with the memories of where the snow people stood.

How to convince it is only for a few seasons?

You’ll be back to lost mittens, hot cocoa, and sled rides.

You’ll snuggle in a blanket with a thick book and crackling fireplace.

You’ll sneak off in the morning to make snow angels in the park and bake pies all afternoon.

It hails tiny snow tantrums.

Maybe if enough land on your head, you’ll go inside to get a hat.

Maybe you’ll forget what you’re doing.

Maybe isn’t going to work.

You look at the setting sun and dig the last hole.  Be strong.

I will, the bulb whispers back. Insha’Allah.


I am a Libyan American who creates art to promote a positive image of Arab and Islamic culture.