Iqra Coloring Page {Printable} Plus Review

We created this Iqra Coloring Page to keep the little ones entertained with an adorable octopus and fish to color in, plus the word Iqra, which is Arabic for ‘Read.’

We were inspired by the new release from Kube Publishing of their board book, My First Iqra by Orin Azizah.

This bright and colorful interactive book will help children learn Arabic letters by allowing them to use their fingers to trace the alphabet. The pages are beautifully illustrated and showcase scenes that are relatable to a small audience. This book is very useful as a vital tool for educators. Another added bonus in the time of Covid is that the pages can be wiped clean between children in a classroom setting as they are made from a very durable material.

You can download our coloring page, inspired by the newest addition to our library, here. Please only use it for personal entertainment.

We have had a few cancellations of guest posts for our Ramadan challenge. If you are able to create an activity, please do let us know. We cover the costs of your supplies and expose you to the ACraftyArab audience, which is currently at 4.6 million a month, alhamdulillah.



I am a Libyan American who creates art to promote a positive image of Arab and Islamic culture.