Islamic Twist Paint Resist {Tutorial} Guest Post

We are so honored to host a guest post for our Ramadan crafts 30-day challenge from Lunar Learners.

Sister Khadijah is sharing how she made these masterpieces artwork creations with her kids, from paint resist with an Islamic Twist.

To celebrate our 11th annual Ramadan crafts 30-day challenge, we are hosting guest posts for most of the month, if you have a craft, resource, or recipe you’d like to share, please let us know.


Paint Resist with an Islamic Twist By Lunar Learners

For me when I think of Ramadan, I immediately feel a sense of joy and warmth. Memories of family, friends and my favorite Iftar foods flood my mind. I have felt this excitement around Ramadan ever since I can remember, and that excitement has stayed with me even as I have become an adult.

After becoming a mother, I knew it was up to me to help my children similarly feel connected to this special month, just as I do. One way we have been doing this is by doing lots of fun Ramadan Crafts and activities. 

I am sharing this simple paint resist activity I did with my 5- and 3-year-old. It’s the perfect activity to keep those little hands busy and hopefully give you a moment to yourselves while you fast 🙂

What you will need:

  • Rectangular/square piece of cardboard. Any box will work
  • Painters tape
  • Paint

What you need to do:

Using the painters tape mark out a design. You can draw the design in pencil before taping if easier. We did a geometric 8-pronged star and a mosque. 

For the star tape out two square shapes on top of each other at different angles. We also added a few extra tape pieces across the star to form several other pockets of space. There is no correct way to do this, and you can just get creative,

As for the mosque shape, create any mosque design. Use small pieces of tape in the areas where you wish to form curves (eg. the dome). Again, if it is easier for you, you can draw out a design before taping.

Mix up a few different paint colors. A muffin tin works great as a paint palate for kids. I let my kids take the lead in deciding what colors they wanted to use and which colors they wanted to mix.

Paint the entire picture. Let your kids get creative with the paint. It’s always fun to see each child’s work take their own shape.

Allow the picture to dry

Remove the tape once dry and admire your piece of art.

We loved doing this craft. It was simple, yet very effective. It kept the kids busy for a good hour and used material most of us probably have lying around. A very forgiving craft that can be enjoyed by kids of all ages.

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I am a Libyan American who creates art to promote a positive image of Arab and Islamic culture.