Ramadan Crafts 2021 Challenge {Resource}

My daughters and I have really enjoyed sharing our Ramadan crafts 30 day challenge with you for the past ten years.

We are thrilled to once again start up our holy month long daily challenge, our 11th annual, for the 2021 Gregorian and 1442 Hijri year.

We are celebrating with guest posts!

We will do our best to honor the calendar below, but please be patient if some days are adjusted. If you would like to include a craft, contact us.

Stop by our past years of 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020 to see fun, often recycelable crafts plus activities.

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Here are the Ramadan crafts daily 2020 challenge posts that are coming, inshaAllah:

Ramadan Day 1: Allah Face Mask Clip {Tutorial} to keep our tradition

Ramadan Day 2: 7 Ramadan Decorating Tips {Resource} by KnotHome

Ramadan Day 3: Good Deeds Calendar {Tutorial} by DoctorMom

Ramadan Day 4: DIY Quilted Mini Masjid Magnets {Tutorial} by Muslim Homeschoolers Unite

Ramadan Day 5: The Gratitude Tree {Tutorial} by Teaching In Color

Ramadan Day 6: Cardboard Handmade Stamps {Tutorial} by Homemade Teacher

Ramadan Day 7: Phases of the Moon {Tutorial} by Radiance of Delight

Ramadan Day 8: Quran Mini Stand {Tutorial} by Ayeina

Ramadan Day 9: Grape Leaf Yarn Suncatcher {Tutorial} from Ten Ways to Hear Snow

Ramadan Day 10: Crescent Moon Cardboard Binoculars {Tutorial} by Abid Shameem

Ramadan Day 11: Ramadan Southern Charm Décor {Tutorial} by Sarah Gowayed

Ramadan Day 12: Islamic Twist Paint Resist {Tutorial} by Lunar Learners

Ramadan Day 13: Baklawa Mini Cheesecakes {Recipe} by Rose Dahlan

Ramadan Day 14: Eid Pendant Necklace {Tutorial} by Amsmoon

Ramadan Day 15: Iqra Coloring Page {Printable} Plus Review from My First Iqra

Ramadan Day 16: Origami Moon and Star {Tutorial} by UmmImanOrg

Ramadan Day 17: Islamic Month Calendar Wheel {Tutorial} by Muslimah HomesCOOL

Ramadan Day 18: Savory Date Bar {Recipe} by Brookolie Jewelry

Ramadan Day 19: Sweet Date Balls {Recipe} by Brookolie Jewelry

Ramadan Day 20: Ramadan Geometric Lanterns {Tutorial} by Tomomi

Ramadan Day 21:Ramadan Hoola Hoop Wreath {Tutorial} by Aisha Omar

Ramadan Day 22: Quran Word Flipbook {Tutorial} by DearMuslimChild

Ramadan Day 23: Paper Weaving Prayer Mat {Tutorial} by Mummy Does Creativity

Ramadan Day 24: Eid Domed Favor Box {Printable} by Homemade Teacher

Ramadan Day 25: Arab Homemade Lebaneh {Recipe} by Milano Pizza

Ramadan Day 26: Moon Phases Peg Dolls {Tutorial} by Nurture with Art and Nature

Ramadan Day 27: No Bake Graham Mosque {Recipe} for Mother’s Day

Ramadan Day 28: Eid Party Crackers {Tutorial} by SarahIJaved.

Ramadan Day 29: Eid Home Decor Ideas {Resource} by CarpetCentre

Ramadan Day 30: Eid Neighbor Gift Box {Resource} for our friends


(More are being added, so be sure to check this list often! Let us know if you’d like to be a part of our challenge.)



I am a Libyan American who creates art to promote a positive image of Arab and Islamic culture.