Ramadan Good Deeds Calendar {Tutorial} Guest Post

We are so honored to host a guest post for our Ramadan crafts 30 day challenge from DoctorMom.

Maliha is sharing how she made this Ramadan Good Deeds Calendar as a daily reminder of things to do for others during Ramadan.

To celebrate our 11th annual Ramadan crafts 30-day challenge, we are hosting guest posts for most of the month, if you have a craft, resource, or recipe you’d like to share, please let us know.


Ramadan 30 day Good deeds calendar 

To introduce the importance of the Holy Month of Ramadan we decided to make a 30 day calendar for the kids. A good deed message would be left on each day for them to read it out & perform the good deed. My sons are 3.6 & 2.6 now, I’m looking forward to trying more variations for this calendar as they grow up with bringing in memorization of duas & rabbanas, In Sha Allah.

Supplies : 

  • Card board – base
  • Paper cups – for each day of the month
  • Black chart paper
  • Golden glitter paper – to draw out the moon phases for the 29 /30 day period of the lunar calendar
  • Chart paper- to write in a good deed for each day
  • Small bottles – to fold and keep the messages in the bottles
  • Foam board – to cut out masjid & moon templates
  • Lights – for decoration purpose
  • All the supplies used can be found in art & craft supplies of my Amazon Storefront

How we set up the calendar?

I used a cardboard and stuck paper cups depicting 30 days of a month, used black chart paper and gold glitter sheets to cut out the phases of moon starting Day 1 through Day 30.

Once the moon cutouts was ready glued them to the cups . Next jotted down 30 good deeds (this is purely editable according to what we want to teach the kids) , rolled these messages and put in small message bottles and kept it inside each paper cup.

So In Sha Allah starting this Ramadan each day the kids are expected to open one bottle , read & perform the message on the bottles!

Just for decorating purposes I attached lights & also made one masjid & moon cutout and stuck it on the calendar.

We are just waiting to stick up the calendar and start our Good deeds journey this Ramadan. Ameen. 

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Here are ideas to put inside:

The 30 Days Good Deed Reminders

Day 1 : Learn Iftar Dua
Day 2 : Help make iftar
Day 3 : Set up a table for Iftar
Day 4 : Buy Iftar for one person
Day 5 : Wake up everyone for Sehri
Day 6 : Say Tasbeeh 100 times
Day 7 : Water the plant
Day 8 : Keep out water for birds
Day 9 : Pick up trash
Day 10 : Clean up table after Iftar
Day 11 : Make charity box for 1 Month
Day 12 : Turn off water at Wudhoo
Day 13 : Memorize Surah Qadr
Day 14 : Share food with neighbors
Day 15 : Learn a Sunnah of Prophet SAW
Day 16 : Make Eid card for family
Day 17 : Pray for sick
Day 18 : Smile at everyone
Day 19 : Call to say Salaam
Day 20 : Pray with parents
Day 21 : Learn Sehri Dua
Day 22 : Do something for parents
Day 23 : Help your sibling
Day 24 : Call your grandparents
Day 25 : Read a Ramadan Book
Day 26 : Donate clothes/ toys
Day 27 : Memorize 1 Rabbana
Day 28 : Eid Day Sunnah
Day 29 : Search for moon
Day 30 : Go meet family



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