Eid Home Decor Ideas {Resource} Guest Post

We are so honored to host a guest post for our Ramadan crafts 30 day challenge from CarpetCentre.

Laila is sharing her favorite decorating tips to get your home ready for Eid. If you have a craft, resource, or recipe you’d like to share, please let us know.


Eid Home Decor Ideas

Eid Al Fitr, celebrated at the end of the holy month of Ramadan, is a very special time of the year for Muslim communities. It is the season for prayer and reflection, and for showing compassion to others.

For 30 days, Muslims embarked on a journey to strengthen their spirituality, practice self-control and extend help to those in need.

Because this special and meaningful occasion only takes place once a year, it has become a tradition for Muslim families to decorate their homes for Eid.

If you’re looking for some design inspiration for Eid, you’re in luck!

From statement lighting to beautiful carpets, these stunning decor ideas are sure to keep the Eid spirit alive in your home.

Statement Lighting

Any home decoration is incomplete without beautiful lighting.

For prayer corners in your home, use lights that provide rich warmth. Ideally, you want lights that can be dimmed or adjusted to balance the natural light during the day.

Of course, you also want to install decorative lighting to create a festive holiday spirit, especially as Eid al-Fitr approaches.

This is where statement lighting comes in.

Fairy lights that are easy to decorate with. You can simply hang them around the house, light up a plain corner, use them in a DIY fireplace to serve as flickering flames, or decorate around furniture.


Eid is a time of prayer and reflection. Thus, you want to create a calm, serene and peaceful atmosphere. This makes it easy for you and your family members to easily get in the zone during prayer time.

Candles are a quick and easy way to do that.

Place each candle in a wine glass, bottle, or jar. You can decorate each glass with colorful pebbles, stones, or even grains and dried peas before putting the candle!

Gather candles in assorted heights and arrange them on a wooden slab to create a beautiful centerpiece for your Eid table. Add more decorations like flowers, twigs, metal, or accents if you want to.

Fresh Flowers

Flowers made of plastic or paper are fine. But if you can find fresh florals, they are absolutely perfect!

Nail vintage vibes by stacking lovely flowers in a mason jar. Decorate with a twig and an adorable tag with a sweet Eid wish.

You can also make an overflowing floral centerpiece. You’ll need a wide basket, a broad vase, or a few mason jars to form a base. Arrange different flowers of your choice. You can pick one theme or color of different shades, or make it festive by incorporating different colors!


Eid home decoration is incomplete without carpets.

Beautiful carpets in Dubai are very popular, especially during Eid. They come in varying designs, colors, and sizes too. You can even find Ramadan-themed carpets and oriental rugs that are so stylish you can use them all year round!

Use rugs to define areas or create variety in space. If using more than one rug, they should complement each other in style.

You can also use carpets as a focal point in your living area. Create contrast by adding a decorative piece or painting your wall with a hue that echoes one of your carpet’s accent colors.

Stars and the Moon

Stars and the Moon are symbols of Islam.

That’s why they are staples in Eid decoration.

There are plenty of ways you can incorporate stars and the moon into your home decor.

For example, you can create “falling star” strands using paper cutouts and twines. Hang them in different corners of your house. Moon lanterns and wall/door decals are great additions to your Eid decor too.

Furthermore, you can take a whimsical approach to home decorating using star lanterns. They make for interesting Eid decorations that you can use for the hallway or staircase.

Eid Calendar

Also known as Ramadan Advent Calendar, this countdown calendar makes Eid more exciting for children. With so many designs available, you can easily find something that matches your theme.

If you’re feeling more “artsy”, you can make your own creative Ramadan calendar using different materials, from paper to old fabrics! You can find a lot of design ideas online.

Make it a focal area in your house or put it behind the “gifts” corner as a stylish backdrop.

There you go – some amazing Eid home decor ideas to inspire you. Even though this year’s celebration is a bit different due to COVID-19 restrictions, you can still keep the holiday spirit alive with these easy home decorating tips.


I am a Libyan American who creates art to promote a positive image of Arab and Islamic culture.