Ramadan Hoola Hoop Wreath {Tutorial} Guest Post

We are so honored to host a guest post for our Ramadan crafts 30-day challenge from Aisha Omar.

Sister Aisha shows us how she took a holla hoop that a child uses to play and exercise and made a crescent moon wreath to place on her front door as a Ramadan decoration.

To celebrate our 11th annual Ramadan crafts 30-day challenge, we are hosting guest posts for most of the month, if you have a craft, resource, or recipe you’d like to share, please let us know.


Salaam, I made this easy hoola hoop decor for my entrance by using a dollar store hula hoop, burlap, plastic flowers and leaves, duct tape, and a glue gun.

First I open the hoola hoop to take out plastic inside parts inside. This was easy because it only had small staples. I make second cut in hoop a little more than halfway so I have two pieces, one is a little bigger.

I use duct tape to connect the two pieces to each other.

I also add duct tape to middle so that crescent holds the shape.

Next I add burlap and make sure it stays on moon with glue gun.

The final step is to add the flowers with glue gun

Now it is ready for our front door.



I am a Libyan American who creates art to promote a positive image of Arab and Islamic culture.