Fall Writing Frenzy 2021 Submission {Resource}

I am once again participating in the 2021 Fall Writing Frenzy contest with my 150 word, short story entry ‘THE RETURN OF MAWLID’ below.

What is Fall Writing Frenzy? It is a contest put together by Kaitlyn Sanchez, with the help of Lydia Lukidis, and the goal is to challenge writers to write something different. Plus it will connect contest winners with established literary professionals. If selected, a generous donor will critique a work of choice.

Mawlid Al Nabi will be on October 18th and is the celebration of the Prophet Mohammed’s (pbuh) birthday. The exact day when it will occur is based on a lunar calendar, so a moon is sometimes associated with Islamic holidays. This is the photo I choose for my prompt.

It is not celebrated by all Muslims and only a few countries recognize the day. In Libya, it was a national holiday, with processions of drums through the streets, homes full of families visiting each other in their finest wear and Quran contests in the mosque. Mawlid was not celebrated for four years during the Libyan revolution but has since started up again.

To create your own khamsa centerpiece to celebrate Mawlid, visit Mawlid Al Nabi Khamsa Centerpiece {Tutorial}.

THE RETURN OF MAWLID by Koloud Tarapolsi

Mawlid has returned
Hustle bustle 
Gone for four years
We had to step aside 
To fight yet another revolution

Time for new beginnings
Swish swash 
cleaned the windows
To greet neighbors
Who have been hidden from satellites

Walk through the kitchen of aunts
Mish mash 
grape leaves hand rolled
Layers as tight as Abu Farrah’s mustache
Laughter reminisced with the walls 

Wore our finest white long robes
Sway swoon 
To repeat the nasheed
While the warm sea breeze
Reminded us of what we fought for

String lights overheard
Fizzle fazzle 
above them fireworks
Green, yellow, red sparkles not bombs
Fearlessly lit up the night sky

Words spoken as sweet as honey
Wham bam 
beat the drums
A khamsa proudly displayed
Joyous our celebrations have returned

Sing in tenor, baritone, bass
Ameen ameen
Shower praise on the Prophet
To help cure our sick soul
The moon crescent smiled back in peace  

(*satellites are what Libyans called Mumar Gaddafi’s spies, *nasheed is a work of vocal music that is either sung a cappella or with instruments, according to a particular style or tradition within Islam)


I am a Libyan American who creates art to promote a positive image of Arab and Islamic culture.