Milloo’s Mind Bookmarks {Printable} plus Milloo’s Mind: The Story of Maryam Faruqi, Trailblazer for Women’s Education {Review}

My daughter designed these colorful bookmarks after we recently received the book Milloo’s Mind: The Story of Maryam Faruqi, Trailblazer for Women’s Education by Reem Faruqi (Author), Hoda Hadadi (Illustrator) from the publisher HarperCollins to review for Multicultural Children’s Book Day.

I was thrilled to receive a copy of this book as Reem Faruqi is one of our favorite authors in our house. Be sure to check out her extensive book list below.

This story is personal as it about her grandmother who was an important figure in education in Pakistan. Maryam Faruqi, nicknamed Milloo, founded the Happy Home Schools and has educated thousands of girls. Despite being told by her parents that she had to stop going to school at fifth grade, she convinced them to let her continue, if she took English. She was then placed in the third grade and persisted rather than give in to the bullying.

This heartwarming story continues with more obsticles thrown in Milloo’s path, but she glides over them in her determination to complete her goal. This picture book is beautifully written and the illustrations are stunning. My daughter, a teenager in high school and an inspiring illustrator herself, loved the colorful designs and used them as inspiration in creating bookmarks to share. You can download them here.

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Plus there are two more upcoming books later this year:

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