Ramadan Crafts 2020 Challenge {Resource}

Ramadan Craft Challenge
ramadan crafts, islam, muslim, children, diy, tutorial

My daughters and I have really enjoyed sharing our Ramadan crafts challenge with you for the past nine years.

We are thrilled to once again start up our 30 day challenge tomorrow, our 10th annual, for the 2020 Gregorian and 1441 Hijri year.

We are celebrating with a contest.

Ramadan Craft, islam, muslim, children, diy, tutorial

You will see some old favorites, a perler start to easy into out first day, an advent calendar to count down, a few games to help us through some tough tests, and of course projects on mosques, stars, moons, Eid (including some fun favors!) plus we’ll be adding to the Ramadan list.

We’ll have some printables to make sure we keep learning, a few recipes to share during iftars with friends, a brand new Ramadan book review and some special guest posts for days that we need a break from social media to enjoy this holy month.

Please stop by our past years of 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018; to see fun, often recycelable crafts plus activities and as always, visiting the A Crafty Arab Pinterest page is usually the best place to visually see *almost* everything.

Be sure to follow A Crafty Arab on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to keep up with our daily posts. Share them with your parent, educator or curious friends too!

If you are looking for books or gifts for Eid to finally have this year the one that you’ll get ahead of wrapping presents, please think about buying books from our A Crafty Arab resource links and website to help support the supplies needed for the blog (keeping in mind that I am donating portions of each sale of my brand new Arabic Alphabet Coloring Book to refugees families in need).

Here are the Ramadan crafts daily 2020 challenge posts as we add them over the month:

Ramadan Day 1: Ramadan Perler Prayer Mat {Tutorial}

Ramadan Day 2: Pour Painting Ramadan Calendar {Tutorial}

Ramadan Day 3: 30 Ramadan Quarantine Activity Ideas {Resource}

Ramadan Day 4: Ramadan Yarn Wrapped Wreath {Tutorial}

Ramadan Day 5: Recycled Ramadan Handcut Banner {Tutorial}

Ramadan Day 6: Diamond Wrap Mosque {Tutorial}

Ramadan Day 7: Recycled Arabic Pen Holder {Tutorial}

Ramadan Day 8: Algeria Stitched Flag {Tutorial}

Ramadan Day 9: Temporary Kaaba Centerpiece {Tutorial}

Ramadan Day 10: Personalized Pita Door Mat {Tutorial}

Ramadan Day 11: Folded Origami Camel {Tutorial}

Ramadan Day 12: Ramadan Arabic English Crossword {Printable}

Ramadan Day 13: North Africa Hamsa Canvas Bag {Tutorial}

Ramadan Day 14: Mashallah Reminder Jar {Tutorial}

Ramadan Day 15: Tissue Paper Mosque Suncatcher {Tutorial}

Ramadan Day 16: Recycled Sheep Glitter Globe {Tutorial}

Ramadan Day 17: Felt Khatam Bookmark {Tutorial}

Ramadan Day 18: Fez No Sew Hairclip {Tutorial}

Ramadan Day 19: Eid One Cut Origami Star {Tutorial}

Ramadan Day 20: Iris Folding Khatam Card {Tutorial}

Ramadan Day 21: Gallery Glass Persian Suncatcher {Tutorial} 

Ramadan Day 22: Eid Glitterific Decor {Tutorial} 

Ramadan Day 23: Paper Lantern Chain {Printable}

Ramadan Day 24: Eid Paint Chip Banner {Tutorial}

Ramadan Day 25: S’more Crescent Moon Dip {Recipe}

Ramadan Day 26: Eid Treat Mini Bags {Tutorial}

Ramadan Day 27: 99 Names of Allah Word Search {Printable}

Ramadan Day 28: Eid Beaded Keychain {Tutorial}

Ramadan Day 29: Eid Treasure Hunt {Printable}

Ramadan Day 30: Eid Star Decorative Box {Tutorial}

Eid Mubarak!

Ramadan Mubarak

ramadan crafts, islam, muslim

30+ Eid Gift Cards, Party Favors, and Gift Wrapping Ideas {Resource}

These Eid gift ideas are compiled here to make it easy to find how to prepare for any special holiday. It lists cash holders, favor bags or various ways to wrap or give an Eid present, including using gift tags.

There are two Islamic holidays celebrated worldwide each year. Eid AlFitr (in Arabic عيد الفطر), is a holiday that occurs at the end of Ramadan and Eid AlAdha (in Arabic عيد الأذى), is a holiday that honors the willingness of Ibrahim (pbuh) to sacrifice his son as an act of obedience to Allah’s command.

Eid is the Arabic word (عيد) for festive occasions and also is used for other special days of the year, such as Christmas (in Arabic عيد الميلاد pronounced eid almilad), Mother’s Day (in Arabic عيد يوم الأم pronouced eid yawm alum), Father’s Day (in Arabic عيد يوم الاب pronouced eid yawm alab), Valentine’s Day (in Arabic عيد الحب pronounced eid alhabu) or Birthdays (in Arabic عيد ميلاد pronounced eid milad).

Here are some easy holiday Eid gift wrap ideas that you may be able to use all year long, for any occasion.


Eid Cash Holders / Eid Gift Cards

Eid Foam Money Envelopes {Tutorial}

Eid Gift Cards {Printable} Guest Post

Eid Hand Sewn Coin Bag {Tutorial}

Eid Lantern Money Holders {Tutorial} Guest Post

Eid Money Envelope {Printable}

Recycled Minaret Money Favor {Tutorial}

Eid Gift Bags

Arabic Newspaper Gift Bag {Tutorial}

Eid Camel Gift Bag {Tutorial}

Eid Confetti Tape Bag {Tutorial}

Recycled Tyvek Gift Bag {Tutorial}

Eid Gift Tags

Arabic Birthday Pendant {Tutorial}

Eid Curled Star Gift Tag {Tutorial}

Eid One Cut Star {Tutorial}

Eid Paper Puff Flowers {Tutorial}

Recycled Khatam Gift Tag {Tutorial}

Salt Dough Ramadan Gift Tag {Tutorial}

Eid Gift Wrapping

3D Pop Up Eid Gift Wrap {Tutorial}

Arabic Initial Wrapping Paper {Tutorial}

Khatam Cardboard Tube Gift Wrap {Tutorial}

Eid Party Favors

99 Non-Candy Eid Favors {Resource}

Eid Hanging Favor {Tutorial}

Eid Moon and Star Washi Favors {Tutorial}

Eid Paper Gift Basket {Tutorial}

Eid Party Poppers {Tutorial}

Eid Pyramid Favor Box {Tutorial}

Eid Spray Painted Favor Bags {Tutorial}

Jordan Almonds Origami Treat Box {Tutorial}

Kaaba Candy Party Treat {Tutorial}

Kaaba Cardboard Tube Party Favor {Tutorial}

Cardboard Tube Kaaba Party Favor Childrens DIY Craft

Kaaba Gum Party Favor {Tutorial}

Recycled K-cup Fez Treat {Tutorial}

Check out my Arabic educational products, excellent Eid gifts, that help introduce children to the Arabic language. To see more resources about Eid, be sure to visit

10+ Eid Al Adha Children Books {Resource}

318+ Hajj and Eid Al Adha Crafts {Resource}

Stop by A Crafty Arab on Pinerest to see more educational DIY crafts.

Ramadan Crafts 10th Annual Contest {Resource}

Childrens Ramadan Crafts

In 2011 A Crafty Arab launched #CraftyRamadan, an annual challenge to create a project a day for the Islamic holy month, Ramadan, when Muslims around the world fast, with 30 days of activities for parents and caregivers to do with children.

The goal is to teach children in a fun, educational way about the Arab world and Muslim culture.

This now includes over 250 sharable tutorials, recipes and downloads that educate about the MENA (Middle East and  North Africa) region of the world.

This year marks its 10th annual challenge for the 2020 Gregorian and 1441 Hijri year.

To acknowledge this special occasion, I will have a contest. Here are the rules to follow while staying home, safe and healthy:

  1. Look around your home for materials that could be recycled, up-cycled, reduced or reused for a DIY Ramadan project, with or without children, from ACraftyArab.com.
  2. Choose from over 600 free tutorials, recipes, book reviews, and printable images and do the project. 
  3. Post your final piece to Instagram using the hashtags #CraftyRamadan2020  #ACraftyArab and tag @ACraftyArab

The final grand prize will be awarded to the person who posts the most completed projects during this special holy month.

#CraftyRamadan Grand Prize

Arabic Animal Alphabet Poster PLUS Arabic Animal Color Poster AND $50 worth of Plaid Crafts Mod Podge accessories:

  • 8 OZ. Mod Podge Gloss
  • 8 OZ. Mod Podge Matte
  • 8 Oz. Dishwasher Safe Gloss
  • Mod Podge 2 OZ. Photo Transfer Medium
  • Mod Podge Silicone Craft Mat
  • Mod Podge 7 Piece Tool Kit
  • Mod Podge 4pc Sponcer Set
  • Mod Podge 4pc Foam Brush Set

Be sure to follow ACraftyArab on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest for the entire month to keep up to date on the challenge posts.