A Crafty Arab Blogspot is Moving

A Crafty Arab Blogspot is moving

I’ve finally decided to be serious about blogging and will be moving A Crafty Arab to WordPress over the next few weeks.

If you are looking for a personal blog post, please visit SaharaTulip, where I’ll be moving my non craft posts, such as my travels and raising little ones.

If you are looking for a craft blog post, please stay tuned as I work on my new website.

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Handmade Cookie Cutters

We need goldfish cookie cutters for a party I’m having but haven’t been able to find the right size. A stop at our local library and we found out how to make our own, by using an aluminum can. Recycling and using free educational resources are a great way to spend an afternoon with kids!


Speaking of kids…


I have had the privilege of being an officer/organizer in four separate mother’s groups in my life as a mommy and have met some amazing women as I’ve done this. Apart from being officer, I have also been a participant in a few more.  I was recently asked to name them all and here is a partial list from what I can remember:

  • Bellevue Eastside Active Moms
  • Dragonflies and Butterflies
  • Eastside Cool Mommies
  • Eastside Mothers Club
  • Messy Kids, Happy Moms
  • Sammamish & Redmond Mothers and More
  • Seattle & Eastside Mothers and More
  • Sisters of the YaYa Motherhood

On December 31st, this one chapter of my life will be closed on LinkedIn forever as I leave my very last organizing position on ECM, also the last mommy group of which I was still a member. It’s mind boggling to think of all the Mother’s Night’s In, Playdates, Hiking Outings, Book Clubs, Movie Nights, Craft Nights, and the thousands of other things I’ve done as an organizer of moms for the past eleven (!) years.


I wanted to throw a little “retirement” party to help me transition out of my mommy phase.  Now that the girls are older, it’s rare that I even get called that anymore, so it was time to move on. I had named the event as a play on words inspired by So Long and Thanks for All the Fish book by Douglas Adams. My daughter and I spent the afternoon making the homemade goldfish crackers, which were the perfect munchies for a night of reminiscing. 


So Long and Thanks for All the (Gold)Fish Party


We used the recipe here, and decided to make our own fun shapes out of empty and cleaned Diet Coke cans.  We used heavy duty metal snips we found in my husband’s tool box. I made the first cut from the opening as it needs a little muscle then handed the can and tool to my daughter to cut our one inch stripes.

The shapes we came up with were round planet, crescent moon, star, and of course goldfish.  We also had a rocket shape, but the dough keep getting caught and it was scrapped. Once you cut a strip all the way around the can, simply shape it, pinch it in place, and tape the ends together!  If you look at the fish on the right, you can see the tape.


Try to make your pieces connect anywhere other then a corner so that the food doesn’t build up and get stuck to the tape.  This was our final yummy product.

I had no idea it was easy to make goldfish.  Of course my daughter wants to make them again, since the two bowls we made for the party were happily (and quickly) eaten.  We have already decided to try the Asiago or maybe the shredded Mexican blend instead of cheddar cheese next.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy new year and may 2014 also bring you new adventures!

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Zibbet Discount Code {Happy Birthday to me!}

I love my birthday.  And this year the day has started out amazing yet again.  And while I’m still experiencing it, I wanted to share my special day with you by offering a rare coupon code to my Zibbet store.  You are welcome to share my post with your friends and they can also use the same code on their order.

Since it is my annual 29th birthday (despite what my friends and family will try to tell you) the coupon code is 29AGAIN.  Simply cut and paste that when you are checking out. 

You can use it on any one item in the store, but you only have 29 hours to use it.  So head over there and see if there’s anything pretty you can’t live without. 

If you come over to my house within the next 29 hours, I’ll also offer you one of my moon birthday lemon cookies.  But that offer is only limited to availability, and right now I have to say they are moving super fast into my stomach.