99 Creative Ramadan Projects {Resource}

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Spending time with children on Ramadan crafts not only helps pass a day of fasting but children learn better when an activity is hands on.

Over the years, my daughters and I have made hundreds of crafts during Ramadan because when I first started writing this blog, there were very few Arab or Islamic craft websites.

We had to make our own decorations, our own children friendly foods and fun educational printables.

As an art teacher with access to full studio, courtesy of my role as Plaid Ambassador, I am fortunate that I have the resources to create original content for my daughters (and others) to enjoy. When I do have to buy something, I am able to uses funds from my Arabic educational shop, one of two resources that helps support this blog. The other resource are my generous readers buying from my curated Arab and Muslim children book lists.

Now that we are getting ready to celebrate 10 years of making a craft a day for the full holy month, I thought maybe I would pull out the activities that were specific to teaching about one part of Ramadan.

Please be sure to check this list often, as I will be adding this year’s challenge activities.


{Free Ramadan Printables}

Eid Gift Cards {Printable} Guest Post

Eid Money Envelope {Printable}

Ramadan Date Palm Cootie Catcher {Printable}

ramadan craft

Ramadan Food Word Search {Printable}

Ramadan Indian Food Word Search {Printable} Plus {Review}

ramadan food, indian, word search, children

Ramadan Lantern Countdown {Printable}

ramadan lantern countdown download children muslim islam

Ramadan Lenticular Artwork {Printable} Guest Blog

ramadan crafts lenticular children artwork

Ramadan Novelty Song {Printable}

ramadan song, children novelty, Nursery rhyme

Ramadan Word Scramble {Printable}

Ramadan Word Search {Printable}

{Free Ramadan Recipes}

6 Kid Approved Stuffed Dates {Recipe}

Chocolate Moon and Star Krispie Treats {Recipe}

Libya Ramadan Sharba {Recipe}

Moon Cupcake Toppers {Recipe}

Moroccan Harira Soup {Recipe}

Ramadan Man’ousheh Mini Bites {Recipe}

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ramadan crafts, children, tutorial, diy, activities, muslim, islam

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{Free Ramadan Crafts}

Accordion Ramadan Decor {Tutorial}

Alhamdulillah Zakat Basket {Tutorial}

Arabic Ramadan Countdown {Tutorial}

Eid Foam Money Envelopes {Tutorial}

Glittery Ramadan Frame {Tutorial}

Khatam Shrinky Dinks Button {Tutorial}

Laylat Al Qadr Handprint Prayer {Tutorial}

Magnet Ramadan Countdown Calendar {Tutorial}

Minaret Lego Bird Feeder {Tutorial}

Mini Eid Book {Tutorial} Plus {Review}

My First Ramadan Plate {Tutorial}

My Ramadan Moon Flip Book {Tutorial}

Night Moon Paper Plate {Tutorial} Plus {Review}

Perler Crescent Moon and Star {Tutorial}

Quran Candy Nuggets {Tutorial}

Ramadan Banner {Tutorial}

Ramadan Cardboard Roll Wreath {Tutorial}

Ramadan Chalkboard String Art {Tutorial}

Ramadan Circle Wall Decor {Tutorial} Guest Post

Ramadan Dates Calendar {Tutorial}

Ramadan Flip Card Calendar {Tutorial}

Ramadan Flower Pins {Tutorial}

Ramadan Good Deeds Book {Tutorial}

Ramadan Good Deeds Sticker Book {Tutorial}

Ramadan Ice Cream Calendar {Tutorial}

Ramadan Kareem Wallies {Tutorial}

Ramadan Lantern Card {Tutorial}

Ramadan Lantern Foil Art {Tutorial}

Ramadan Lantern Headband {Tutorial}

Ramadan Lantern Washi Card {Tutorial}

Ramadan Lantern Yarn Silhouette Art {Tutorial}

Ramadan Moon & Star Paper Plate Decor {Tutorial}

Ramadan Moon and Star Bird Feeder {Tutorial}

ramadan crafts, bird feeder, children, islam, fasting

Ramadan Moon and Star Podgeable {Tutorial}

Ramadan Moon Sequin Art {Tutorial}

Ramadan Moon Sun Catcher {Tutorial}

Ramadan My First Fast Award {Tutorial}

Ramadan Perler Beads Lantern {Tutorial}

Ramadan Perler Mosque {Tutorial}

Ramadan Perler Sheep {Tutorial}

Ramadan Photo Booth {Tutorial}

ramadan crafts, photo booth, islam, chilldren, muslim diy, tutorial

Ramadan Pompom Crescent Moon {Tutorial}

Ramadan Popsicle Suncatcher {Tutorial}

Ramadan Pull Away Calendar {Tutorial}

Ramadan Reminder Shrink Plastic Charm {Tutorial} Guest Post

Ramadan Suhoor Mug {Tutorial}

Ramadan Sun Visor Moon & Star {Tutorial}

Ramadan Themed Star Shirt {Tutorial} Guest Post

Recyclable Laylat Al Qadr Binoculars {Tutorial}

Recycled Khatam Date Holder {Tutorial}

Recycled Laylat Al Qadr Mini Light {Tutorial}

Recycled Minaret Money Favor {Tutorial}

Recycled Oui Tea Lights {Tutorial}

Salt Dough Ramadan Banner {Tutorial}

Salt Dough Ramadan Gift Tag {Tutorial}

Stacking Paper Ramadan Lantern {Tutorial}

Vellum Ramadan Lantern {Tutorial}

ramadan lantern crafts vellum hanging islam muslim children tutorial


Be sure to check out A Crafty Arab on Pinterest to find more Ramadan projects.

Ramadan crafts


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