Melted Crayon Allah Artwork {Tutorial}

Allah is the Arabic word for God and is used by Middle Eastern people who speak the language, regardless of their religion. It is the equivalent of Dios in Spanish or Dieu in French.

I have been wanting to show my teenager melted crayon art for a long time. Now that summer has officially started it seemed the perfect time since this art is best done outside. If you live in a house like ours, we had a ton…yes, I weighted them…a ton of crayons come home from desk-clean-outs at school.

This tutorial shows how you can put them to pretty use as canvas art for your kitchen wall or in your office.  Just don’t hang it too close to a window if you live in a hot climate.


Glue gun
2 square pieces of card stock
Embossing heat gun
Letter stickers
ACraftyArab Melted Crayon Allah Art1

Our canvas was 9 x 12 so my daughter started by laying out the color order she wanted in her design along the 9 inch side.  ACraftyArab Melted Crayon Allah Art2Once she had every space filled, she gently rolled the cryaons off in that order and hot glued them to the canvas.

ACraftyArab Melted Crayon Allah Art3

She took the canvas outside, along with the embossing gun and heated the crayons in a steady back and forth motion. She did this on the grass because of hot wax splatter, we just put the white board down for the photo below. Please do try to do this outside or you are going to be scrapping colored wax off your counters and walls.

ACraftyArab Melted Crayon Allah Art4

Here is her completed masterpiece.

ACraftyArab Melted Crayon Allah Art5

The last part she did was add a khatam, Arabic for eight pointed star, by gluing two square pieces of paper to each other, offset.  She then added Allah in purple sticker letters to the khatam and hot glued it to the canvas.

ACraftyArab Melted Crayon Allah Art6

Now it’s ready for a frame, or just on a bookshelf.  Or to give as a gift.

ACraftyArab Melted Crayon Allah Art7

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ACraftyArab Melted Crayon Allah ArtPin2




I am a Libyan American who creates art to promote a positive image of Arab and Islamic culture.