99 Creative Mosque Projects {Resource}

Mosques are religious centers for Muslims.

These brick and mortar buildings are very important to our community in more ways then one.  Our places of worship are where we go to pray, meet, talk, learn, visit, laugh, meditate, read, listen, and primarily get closer to Allah and His word.

They are most special to us on Fridays, because that is our day of worship, known as Jumu’ah.  This day is when we gather together in congregation and listen to a lecture designed to empower us.

Over the years, I have made several mosque crafts here on the ACraftyArab blog. I have collected them below, along with a few others, so that you can enjoy making some creative mosque projects to appreciate these majestic holy places.

I have included images of A Crafty Arab tutorials because they are the only ones I own copy right, to view the others, please visit A Crafty Arab on Pinterest.

3D Mosque Mobile

Al-Aqsa Mosque Coloring Page

Anmal-Puzzle – Masjid Puzzle (in German)

The Blue Mosque

Cardboard Mosque Playhouse {Tutorial}

Cardboard Mosque Playhouse

Chalk Art Masjid

Colour in the Masjid – Print and Color

Cookie Cutter Mosque Candle {Tutorial}

Cookie Cutter Mosque Candle

CorelDraw Tutorial: Membuat Masjid (in Indonesian)

Cutting and Sticking Masjid Pictures

DIY papier maché Mosque

Drawing of the Dome of Masjid Nabawi

Earrings (Mosque Window) Tutorial (in Italian)

Eid Card with Pop Up Mosque

Eid Mubarak (Masjid) Stained Glass Foil Craft

Entering the Masjid – Color and Learn Du’a

Free cross-stitch pattern “The Blue Mosque”

Geometric Masjids

Gingerbread Masjid

The Goodie Jar (with Masjid Template)

Handmade (Mosque) Lacing Cards

HighCeiling Mosaic

History of Masjid Al Aqsa Lapbook

Holy Mosque Coloring Page

Holy Wisdom (Hagia Sophia)

How to draw a Mosque Real Easy

How to Draw a Mosque Step by Step

Islamic art – How to draw a mosque in just 2 mins

How to Draw a Simple Mosque

Islamic Mosaic Art

Jeu de Forms (in French)

Leaving the Masjid – Color and Learn Du’a

Lego Duplo blocks

Lego Masjid

Lego Mosque

Lyalya Tulpan mosque

Our Second Ramadan Craft (Lift the Mosque Door Poster)

Maquette d’une masjid à imprimer – Masjid Printout (in French)

Masjid Activity Puzzle

Masjid Fabric Wall Hanging

Masjid Center Piece/Mobile Craft

Masjid Color Domino Games

Masjid Coloring Pages (in Arabic)

Masjid Mosaic Art

Masjid Puzzle 16 pcs

(Masjid) Ramadan Silhouette Frames

Masjid Sun Catcher

Masjid Sun Catcher

Melted Crayon Mosque {Tutorial}

Melted Crayon Mosque

Memorizing Mosque (Memorizing Masjid)

Minaret Lego Bird Feeder {Tutorial}

Minaret Lego Bird Feeder

(Minaret) Onion Dome Box #002

(Minaret) Ramadan Diorama

Mini Canvas Minarets {Tutorial}

Mini Canvas Minarets

Moon on the Masjid

Moon Over Mecca

Mosaic Masjid

Mosque Cardboard Ring Toss {Tutorial}

Mosque Cardboard Ring Toss

Mosque Crepe Paper Banner {Tutorial}

Mosque Crepe Paper Banner

Mosque Cards

Mosque – Cathedral of Cordoba {Printable}

Mosque Collage

Mosque Craft Mobile

Mosque Craft Mobile

Mosque Cross-stitch (in Russian)

Mosque Gift Bag Template

Mosque Hand Sewn Pillow {Tutorial}

Mosque Hand Sewn Pillow

Mosque Islamic Kids Coloring Pages

Mosques Lacing Activity

Mosque Lantern

Mosque Melted Crayon Art

Mosque Papercut Bookmark {Tutorial}

Mosque Papercut Bookmark

Mosque Polymer Clay Cake {Tutorial}

Mosque Polymer Clay Cake

Mosque Portraits

Mosque Salt & Glue Watercolor {Tutorial}

Mosque Salt & Glue Watercolor

Mosque Silhouette Vector

Mosque Sponge Painting

Mosque Vellum Night Light

Mosque Vellum Night Light

Muslims Called to Prayers Color Page

Muslim Village with Masjid – Print and Color

Pop up mosque

Papier Mache Masjid

Pattern Blocks – Masjids

[Pegboard] Geoboard

Pink & Green Quilled Mosque

Pin the Muezzin on the Minaret

Prophet’s (pbuh) Mosque Melt Beads

Quilled mosque

Ramadan Coloring Pages

Ramadaan Masjid Surprise Box

Ramadhan (Masjid) Window Cling

Ramadan (Mosque) Embroidery Wall Hanging

Ramadan (Mosque Skyline) Splatter Art

Ramadan Perler Mosque {Tutorial}

Ramadan Perler Mosque

Recycled Cardboard Mosque {Tutorial}

Recycled Cardboard Mosque

Significance of Ramadan and A Gingerbread Masjid

Stained Glass Mosque Window

STEAM Mosque Golden Domes {Tutorial} plus Golden Domes and Silver Lanterns {Book Review}

Mosque Golden Domes

Tin Punch Lantern (Fanoos)

Tissue Mosaics

Tissue Mosaic Garland

Traveling Mosque Crayon Holder {Tutorial}

Traveling Mosque Crayon Holder

Une mosquée avec une empreinte de main (in French)

Watercolor and Mosque Silhouette Art

Watercolor (Mosque) Cards

Watercolour Mosque Paintings

Whoever Builds A Masjid… Felt Puzzle Activity

To be inspired by beautiful mosques from around the world, please visit my Pinterest board.

Be sure to come back to my blog as I work on compiling more 99 creative projects.  If you find a mosque project online, simply add the link below, or contact me via Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.  Please do let me know if any links are broken.