99 Creative Star Projects

The Arab fascination with stars began about the 9th century, when the first observatory was built in Iraq.  An observatory is a structure that houses tools to allow astronomers to study the universe around us.  While the Arabs were not the first to study the planets, sun, moon and everything else, they were the first to do it in an observartory with large intsturments as a team solving scientific projects.


Many people don’t know that the original names for the stars were Arabic because so many were discovered and named by Arab astronomers. For example, some of the stars in the constellation Big Dipper, came originally from Arabic names.  The stars are known as al-Qa’id (Alkaid), Mi’zar (Mizar), al-Hawar (Alioth), Maghraz (Megrez), Fakhdha (Phecda), Marzqq (Merak) and Dub (Dubhe).


One of the other places that stars are most seen is in the crescent moon and star symbol on Arab flags.  The crescent moon and star were used in the flag of the Ottoman Empire in the 19th century. This lead to its acquired popular interpretation as a symbol of Islam that started forming in the 20th century.


Here on A Crafty Arab blog, my daughters and I love to making star crafts and have done quite a few.   I thought it might be a good time to compile a list of all the Eid craft tutorials we’ve done here, plus a few more from some of our crafting friends over at Kid Blogging Network.


If the images came from my blog, I am able to include a photo, if a craft came from another blog, please click on the link to see it as I do not have permission to post those photos.


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3D Paper Star Bowl
3D Star Cookies Tutorial and Recipe
8 Pointed Star Photo Frames
Aluminum Can Dimensional Star

Arabic Newspaper Star Tutorial
Awesome Math Art: Transforming Ninja Star
Beaded Stars
Beautiful math stars – STEAM lesson plans
Christmas star nature weave
Colourful Pom Pom Popsicle Stick Stars

Crescent Moon & Star Thaumatrope Tutorial

Crescent Moon and Star Straw Toppers Tutorial

Crescent Moon and Star Traveling Tic-Tac-Toe Tutorial

Crescent Moon And Star Yarn Window Art Tutorial

Curled Star Eid Gift Tag Tutorial
DIY Eraser-Stamped (Star) 4th of July Shirt
DIY July 4th Star Crown
DIY Kids-Made Star Ornament and Math Game
DIY Little Fabric Star
DIY Star Garland Gift Wrap
DIY Star Hoodie
DIY Star Message Board
DIY String Art Star
DIY Wooden Bead Star
Easy Origami Paper Star Wreath
Easy Sparkling Star Christmas Ornament Craft for Kids
Easy Star Cut-Out Cupcakes – A Tutorial
Easy Wire Star Ornaments

Eid Metallic Star Tutorial
Eid Paper Star Table Toppers Tutorial
Falling Star Wall Hanging
Felt Moon & Stars
Felt Star Clips
Five Pointed Origami Star
Fizzing Stars
Folded paper stars (DIY)
Free printable star templates
Glittered Glue Moon and Star Garland Tutorial {Part 2}
Handmade Christmas decorations : Silver Star ornament
Hanging Star Lanterns
Here Comes the Sun Week!! Let’s Make a Sunny Window Star!!
Holiday Star Luminary Craft
How to DIY a Giant Wooden Star for the Christmas Mantel
How to Make a Sand Candle
How to Make an Illuminated Star
How to make Mario Star Rice Krispy Pops!
How To Upcycle Jeans into Star Bean Bags
Make A Magic Seed Star
Melted Bead Sun catcher
Modular Money Origami Star from 5 x 1 Dollar Bills

Moon & Star Stamp Tutorial

{Moon & Star} Cookie Cutter Canvas Art Tutorial

Moon and Star Punch Art Bookmark Tutorial
Moravian Star Tutorial
New Year’s Eve star crown

Oil Pastel Resist Crescent Moon and Star Banner Tutorial
Origami 8-Pointed Star Folding Instructions

Origami Star Eid Necklace

Patchwork Post-it Crescent Moon and Star Art Tutorial
Patriotic Activities for Preschoolers
Patriotic Star Cutout Firecracker Sandwich Cookie Tutorial
Pinwheel II

Polymer Clay Moon & Star Tutorial
Printable Mini Super Stars

Puff Disc with Crescent Moon and Star

Quilled Moon and Star Tutorial
Rainbow Star Transparency
Ramadan Crescent Moon & Star Ithnain Tutorial

Ramadan Crescent Moon & Star Podgeable Tutorial

Ramadan Moon & Star Tutorial
Roll a Star – Make a Word | Literacy Games for Kids
Royal Pumpkin Craft with Glow in the Dark Stars
Silver & Gold Star Piñatas
Simple Crochet Star Garland Tutorial
Stained Glass Star Cookies
Stained Glass Stars
Star and Circle Paper Decorations

Star Banner Tutorial
Star Confetti Slime Recipe Homemade Sensory Play
Star Cookie Candle Holder
Star Cookie Cutters Ornament
Star Garland Tutorial
Star Light Star Bright Light Garland
Star Pendant (Chain Mail) tutorial
Star Pillow Tutorial
Star sensory bin

Starry Memo Center Tutorial
Stars & Stripes Cake
Super Simple Paper Stars
Textured Star Ornaments
Twig Star Ornaments for Kids to Make
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Craft
Washi Tape Stars
Watercolor Stars
When you wish upon a Star…(Cake)
Wood and Paper Stars
Wooden Star Ornament
Woven Star Tutorial
Yarn Wrapped Star Ornaments



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